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YouTube accused of being 'organ of radicalisation' - MW

Social media companies have come under heavy criticism for launching a big report on the right, YouTube being labeled a radical Islamic agency.

A State of Hate 2020 report by Hope Not Hate also found that the Conservative Party had suspended more than 20 officials and activists, including six advisers, from posting Islamic comments on the ground. social media.

Yvette Cooper, chair of the Commons family selection committee, said Monday that when she and others opened an account to search for one of the right-wing groups named in the report, YouTube automatically suggested that viewers might want to watch neo-Nazi videos.

The Jars are looking for something out of curiosity and YouTube is ready to provide more, further, often becoming more radical and pushing further, as this is how YouTube works, she said. They have become an agency of extremes instead of being responsible, because that is how their algorithms work.

Cooper says that a feeling of firmness is always a factor against the increase in the right of the right is the decline. And she criticized her party for its complicity at a time when opposition was on the rise across Europe and the Conservatives for being blind to Muslims in their ranks. .

Hope Not Hate's report details the actions of the conservatives, who have been suspended on publications on Islamic social networks.

In a photo taken by the campaign team, a Facebook account that appears to have come from Nottinghamshire district councilor Steve Vickers published a post in the wake of the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice, in which he said that the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, he and his brothers are part of the problem.

Responding to Prime Minister Theresa May, wishing happy Muslims on Facebook, the screenshot shows an account that appears to belong to city councilor Harworth and Bircotes, Sonia Armstrong left a long, widely commented comment. is in capital letters.

She should wear wigs, dress up and wander alone in these cities, especially at night, then tell us how many GBs they've given and how well they fit, she wrote.

She cited our rapes and murders for making citizens too afraid to go out alone, and said that no one knew how they applied sharia law because the police had done it. close your eyes to any ignorance of political legitimacy.

The report also accused Winchester city councilor Judith Clementson of using an anonymous Twitter account to post conspiracy theories about a dangerous Islamic program for world domination.

Hounslow District Councilor Ranjit Pendhar Singh Gill is said to have celebrated the celebration of the election of Donald Donald Trump and his proposal to exclude Muslims from the United States. And in another article, he wrote about 75 million Turkish Turks, who planned to invade the United Kingdom.

The records also indicate a number of advisers. He said that Gail Hall, Gwynedd district councilor from 2008 to 2012, shared many anti-Islamic messages on far-right Facebook pages, calling on barbaric Muslims. The report said she also liked Muslims' comments referring to Muslims as crooks, and encouraged them to wear their hooks in their country of origin.

Chris Meakin, Conservative Leader of the Opposition on Southwark Council in the 1970s and 1980s, who appeared on Southwark Council in 2002, was also included in the report. It includes a screenshot of a post from an account that matches his name, saying that Muslims don't deserve human rights because of their animal behavior, and it's about time. to deploy machine guns against these invaders.

Such an enemy must be eliminated, it ends.

Hope Not Hate called on Conservative campaign headquarters to take immediate action against these people and said he would continue to call on them to take appropriate action to deal with the Islamic crisis which has curbed the celebration at all levels .

He also said that the charges against the Conservatives represented a party that had a significant problem with anti-Islamic sentiment at the local level.

A party spokesperson told the Guardian: `` All of the alleged party members were immediately suspended pending an investigation. The swift action we take is not only anti-Islamic discrimination, but also discrimination in any way, which testifies to the seriousness we take in these areas.

A spokesman for the British Islamic Council accused conservative leaders of failing to address the issue and asked for a formal investigation by the Commission on Human Rights and Human Rights.

Conservatives have an institutional problem with Islam, which they seem unwilling to admit, let alone solve, said the spokesman.

This latest evidence only adds to the wealth of examples we have seen in recent months, most of which have been greeted with apathy and inaction. Unlike these cases, it is welcome that action has been taken in these cases, but the suspension must be properly implemented through appropriate sanctions if necessary and transparent. who is admitted to the party and why. With the history of the party, we cannot hope.

Responding to Cooper's concerns, a YouTube spokesperson said it had started to cut down on recommendations for content and videos described as limits and videos that could mislead users. .

Thanks to this change, the number of views of this type of content received from proposals has decreased by more than 70% in the United States and has also been implemented in the United Kingdom. Although we have made good progress, our work here is not yet finished and we will continue to improve even more this year.


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