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Now Playing: Persona 5, Metal Gear Rising, Animal Crossing, And More - MW

Which games are keeping you busy this week? Let's share!

The weekend is here, which means it's time to talk about what we are playing! The GameSpot team is often busy following the biggest releases, but other times, we make up for the games we missed, replay the old favorites, the classics for the first time or Just bet and finish for a fate. Below you can see a sample of the games we are currently playing, why we are playing them and what we like so far.

But don't just read our reviews; We would also love to hear from you! Let us know everything you play in the comments below and what you learn about them.

Join us and talk about all the cool video games you play! We know you need to talk about it as much as we do. And if you play similar games from the previous week, that's fine too! Let us know why you still love it! (Phil certainly did.)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance -- Matt Espineli, Editor

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance from Platinum is a great action game - but I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't like it when I first played it. As a Metal Gear fan, an elite student, serious in 2013, the Raiden spin-off was too attractive for my taste. Objects like Raiden lifting the Metal Gear Ray by themselves and tossing it in the air so that he could cut it in half was too ridiculous for me to accept - even if someone was someone who liked the Platinum work at the time. . And I know what you think: "But a Special Forces soldier from World War II who could get bees out of his mouth for free?"

I'm not too bright, but to be honest, I'm looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, seemingly improving the narrative of the series, focusing more on dialogue and filming. Kojima's vision of what MGS could then deplete didn't make me like a great game in its own right.

And how brilliant. The simple battle flow is enough to make it worth playing, regardless of your platform with Platinum, Metal Gear or character action games. As a Raiden, it's a unique pleasure to destroy hostile robots, cut them into pieces and tear their spines to combine their nutritional electrolyte juice. The Metal Gear component is also something I can now easily accept and trust. It's impressive that Platinum is true to the tone and language of previous Rising entries, making the game feel at home with the series. There are original logistical jumps and particularly heavy political meditations, but which Metal Gear game is complete without them?

I can't wait to play more tanks. I'm glad I decided to extract it from my collection for another time. Anyway, enough talk: I think it's time LET'S GO FAKE! | Twitter: @MGespin

Fire Emblem: Three Houses -- Dave Klein, Video Producer

In search of a new life, I try to pass all the 2019 games that I missed, I finally chose Fire Badge: Three House for a business trip to San Francisco. Because of the difference in Three House from previous Fire Badge games - and I had to make a difficult decision from the start to choose the house I would guide - it took me longer. Average on this game, and I was disappointed with Fate, where I didn't particularly like the changes to the combat system.

But, enough with the negative! I am happy to say that Three House totally fascinated me. Although it took me longer to get into the story and the characters, I now have a bunch of ragged knights, I'm going to die, and I'm doing everything I can to make sure they will not die when I play the famous "Classic" mode. Seriously, don't play with my house - Blue Lions (in fact, every Black Eagle is recruited) S M SENDS YOU. | Twitter: @TheDaveKlein

Animal Crossing: New Leaf -- Kevin Knezevic, Associate Editor

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons appearing on the horizon (ahem), I felt compelled to review the 3DS entry of the series before being sure to remove it from my new island. Although it was almost seven years old at the time, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been a regular activity in my gaming habits since its inception. Although I don't spend as much time on the game as when it was new, I periodically check my city every week or so, pull out any weeds that may grow in the absence and make sure None of my neighbors try to leave. (It's like a California hotel, but cuter.)

Although the New Leaf doesn't get as much attention as it used to, I can sometimes feel drawn to its charm. I have been a fan of the Animal Crossing series since the official re-appearance of the GameCube game in 2002, and even though I liked Wild World fairly well on DS, none of the elements were really attractive. I like the original until the New Leaf. I think a big reason for that is that he has too many hints in the first game. The 5pm theme of the New Leaf is a clear tribute to GameCube (my favorite hourly melody), and there are many other reminders, of how villagers build igloos in winter. until the fun marine stories that Kapp'n sings as he takes you to a nearby island.

However, my favorite aspect of New Leaves is the freedom it gives you to personalize your city. The series still allows you to plant and organize your plants, but New Leaves also has different shrubs. As mayor, you can also finance public building projects in your city, ranging from equipment like police stations to park benches and other outdoor furniture. I have long reached the limit of the number of public works projects I can build, so I regret that I no longer have to install lampposts in my city, but I have spent hundreds of hours in a few hours. Last year to organize them carefully. Seeing a new horizon expand this idea not only by allowing you to make your own furniture (but now you can also place it outside) but by giving you the possibility of creating the land of your island I love it. A few more weeks ...

Vagrant Story (Again, But I'm Good At It Now) -- Phil Hornshaw, Editor

When I first played Vagrant Story about 20 years ago, I really liked it - but it was also a slogan. The game is full of dense combat systems that are not clearly explained, even by in-game instructions. Each enemy has a bunch of indicators and relationships, and for a long time I have never been able to find a system good enough to use it as the developers wanted. Bring the wrong weapon in a fight and you will find yourself making 1 HP blows against big enemies.

Fortunately, you can chain additional shots in combat from time to time by pressing the button, so I was able to break my way through strange history in the past. . It is difficult to defeat the toughest bosses 1 HP each time, put on 10 or 20 shots to drop a piece of blood. But I did it. In my new play, I finally decided to really understand how to fight Vagrant Story (thanks, online tutorials from 10 years ago and my friend Zack) - and damn, this game is only good when you know how to play it right .

It turns out that the weapon system of Vagrant Story is excellent when you understand its own characteristics. Finally, figure out which menu can show you the holes of your enemies that turn you into a weird killing machine. In many ways, Vagrant Story resembles a primitive spirit of darkness, requiring a series of tactical thoughts and attention to your equipment for each battle in which you participate. But once you have the right tools for the job, the battle becomes a rhythmic dance, where you can immerse yourself in enemies with a slash after slash before they can fight back. you.

It's been 20 years and I finally feel like an appropriate risk disruptor. I want to drop Guildenstern into a final boss battle, once, it won't take me three hours. | Twitter: @philhornshaw

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age -- Chris Pereira, Engagement Editor

As the 55 hours of Dragon Quest XI approached, it seemed like the game was over. Indeed, I faced the Big Bad, the credits rolled and things seemed to be done. I knew there would be more to do afterwards because I had many unfinished side quests, and mysterious locked doors remained around the world. But I didn't expect what looks like another big quest that could take several hours.

I will avoid going into detail to avoid spoiling anything, but I find myself in an odd position. After five dozen hours, I felt ready to put DQXI behind me and move on, but doing it now would make me feel like I was leaving the game very unfinished. I don't know what to expect from this new ride in terms of playing time, but it is clearly at the heart of the story despite its arrival after the credits.

Fortunately, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal are still a few weeks away, so it's easier to justify staying with Dragon Quest XI for now. In no case did it go beyond its reception, and the opening part of this epilogue (if you can call it that) was fun to watch. But I'm a little worried that having to retread old pitches could lift the wind from the sails of the game in what will actually be its last hours. | Twitter: @TheSmokingManX

Pokemon Sword -- Jake Dekker, Video Producer

I haven't stopped playing Pokemon Sword since it came out late last year. Whether it's breeding, shiny grinding, or battling, I feel like there's always something worthwhile for me to do in that game. However, thanks to the Pokemon Day event this weekend, I plan on raiding as many dens as possible so I can fight Mewtwo and hopefully catch some Gen 1 starter Pokemon! | Twitter: @jacobdekk

Persona 5 -- Will Potter, Social Media Producer
For a couple of years, I've had the vanilla version of Persona 5 sitting on my PS4 hard drive, but I rarely touched it. But in preparation for a Persona 5: Royal event a few weeks ago, I felt inspired to boot it up to get a taste ahead of the preview. And now, three weeks after attending, I haven't stopped playing. I know it might be unwise to start a 100+ hour JRPG just before a new version is released, but I'm just too hooked on the stylish aesthetic, catchy soundtrack, and the "so-fashionable-I-feel-underdressed" characters of the Phantom Thieves.

I'll admit I've mostly lost interest in JRPGs in recent years; their typically glacial pace and mammoth playtime is too daunting for someone with a full-time job and a handful of adult responsibilities. But Persona 5 is different. The turn-based combat never feels like a drag. You can make as little or as much progress as you feel like in a play session, with dungeons and extracurricular activities digestible and bite-sized. And honestly, the game is just, cosy? I love hanging out with Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana. I like making coffee and running around Shibuya. It's a welcome and colourful escape from the drab of London right now. Maybe I won't get to Royal for a few more years, if ever, but for now, I'm having a great time with 2017's Persona 5. | Twitter: @thequiffisdead


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