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Manchester City sink Aston Villa to win third successive Carabao Cup - MW

Manchester City has no time for the romance in the latest story of the Aston Villa Biet Carabao Cup. Pep Guardiola and his players have traded only the hard currency of national titles and they have widened their reach thanks to an almost stifling control performance.

It is important to add a qualification. Goals from Sergio Agüero and Rodri left City responsible and, although Mbwana Samatta halved the deficit over half-time, it looked like Villa couldn't shoot. equalizer, let alone score. Guardiola Rib's team controlled the tempo so long that it was difficult to predict the film at the end.

But when City could no longer score, the film arrived. The sound of Villa's support welcoming the victory in the 88-minute turn reflected their belief in the incredible comeback, and it almost happened when Bjorn Engels met the delivery man who replaced Conor Hourihane with a title beat. Man City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo reacted by placing the ball against a post and his team could be clear.

There was additional tension from a city perspective in the downtime - including another corner of the villa where goalkeeper rjan Nyland had advanced - but they won and although the spirit of the villa has shown, No one can say he doesn't deserve it

Guardiola has now won eight of the nine titles offered in the UK, including Community Shields, and this is a testament to his endless desire for success and his players. . Do they have enough credit? Their fans say no, but one thing is clear. They will want to add the FA Cup and the Champions League before the end of the season. Hopefully this victory could be the springboard for another hat-trick, join the competition later, which is the competition they really want.

Villa is chasing the first major title since Brian Little led them to the League Cup in 1996 and how Dean Smith, the manager, and Jack Grealish, the captain - the Birmingham boys and the other club supporters - i would love to remove it. They gave everything and when it ended, the people in white and blue were crumpled on the ground, their spirit finally broke. They can leave with their heads held high, especially the late push, in particular, and the fan applause in their ears. It could serve as consolation in the days ahead before the battle for the survival of the Premier League.

It will always be difficult for the team to finish second at the bottom of the table, which was beaten 6-1 by Man City in their last meeting in January and there is no bookmaker having Villa somewhere between 12-1 . and 14-1 to win. The Smith system that started 4-5-1 betrayed the City threat alert, the desire to block their midfielder and that would make it painful to see them so easily. Let the goal open the score.

Raheem Sterling passed the ball to Rodri and, from there, it was a precise ball that fell on Matt Targett for Phil Foden to use. His front shot caught hold of Targett and, when he got there, Agüero, fired from Tyrone Mings to defeat Nyland.

Guardiola started Foden to the right of the previous three and the 19-year-old was an exceptional performer, decorating for the occasion with his rich talent. There was a point at the start when he was thrown off balance by a Villa challenge just to keep his balance and move on. The balance and quick legs are spectacular and it's not the only time that can be said.

Anwar El Ghazi reached the top of Villa in the fourth minute, but they will be blocked and after City scores a second goal and begins to monopolize possession, finding room in the danger zone, in particular thanks to David Silva , he threatens to become a challenge for the Smith team.

However, Samatta changed the complexity of the occasion, his flying title fueling the support of Villa - including Prince William - not only caused an inexplicable haste to Wembley's Goal but also hope. John Stones was caught in a tangle and fell when he couldn't face a chipped ball from Targett and El Ghazi through Samatta to find the net.

Before that, everything was City. Foden shot widely after a good touch; Agüero was rejected by an Engels block; and Sterling are also embarrassed by the Mings. The second city was also very simple, Frédéric Guilbert having failed to challenge Rodri after the corner of Ilkay Gündogan. The job should not be given to the finishing touches of Gündogan and not Grealish but Villa should protect it properly.

There was tension when the tension increased in the second half. Sterling faced Guilbert and Rodri was penalized for a tactical foul against Douglas Luiz after Kevin De Bruyne failed to be used as a replacement. Wonderful Nakamba was also warned after clearing Agüero with a tackle that was too strong. He was lucky to avoid red.

Villa is struggling to create motivation but she knows that an opportunity may be all she needs. The city missed the opportunity thanks to Foden, Rodri and his replacement, Gabriel Jesus and finally, they will be indebted to Bravo.


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