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Manchester City face ultimate test to maintain Pep Guardiola's legacy - MW

In Liverpool in 1990 and Manchester United in 2013, an era of domination became a free fall. After Kenny Dalglish declared an 18th title at the Jerseyide Sea club, the drought lasted 30 years later. Sir Alex Ferguson led United to a 20th crown and the wait for the 21st will continue until the eighth season. The two incidents occurred after the manager's departure - Ferguson in May 2013, Dalglish in February 1991.

When Pep Guardiola leaves Manchester City one day, the story of their two most formidable rivals could resonate with those accused of replacing him.

Guardiola's contract expires in June 2021, and the two-year Champions League banning club has renewed interest in the future. The coach insists he is ready to extend his contract but so far he has never stayed at a club for more than four years at Camp Nou. The ban can be maintained, reduced or eliminated, but whatever happens, the last game of City Guard Guardiola could be played as soon as possible. The appointment of a successor will be the most important strategic appeal of the Mans Mansour property since the hiring of Guardiola in the summer of 2016.

Last Sunday, Guardiola won his sixth major trophy with City by winning the Carabao Cup. He is comfortably the most successful manager in their history. However, a senior official insisted that Catalan was not the most important person in the city. The statement spoke of a long-term strategy overseen by Khaldoon al-Mubarak, president, and implemented by sport director, Txiki Begiristain, and general manager, Ferran Soriano. Their mission is to ensure that Guardiola or AN The other manager is responsible, the basic philosophy of City Inverse is respected: in the broadest sense, it is about playing cool football while accumulating money.

The Liverpool warm-up department provided them with very successful management solutions in the past and Mubarak, Begiristain and Soriano had a similar type: the city football team of eight clubs, of which Manchester City was the flagship. . In addition to giving Mansour a global reach, CFG is a perfect school for future managers to be responsible for their different teams.

Pat another CFG club, Melbourne City FC later this year.

Even so, the job record, plus the pressure to obey Guardiola, means that if he wants to replace the host, instead of looking inside, Mubarak, Soriano and Begiristain can find a way to attract Vieira, who has been responsible for Nice since 2018, or Mikel Arteta, who was Guardiola's assistant until he left Arsenal to lead Arsenal in December.

Among the candidates unrelated to the club are Mauricio Pochettino, who improves Guardiola as Tottenham manager in a monumental Champions League quarter-final, and RB Leipzig Julian Julian Nagelsmann. They seem to be the same souls in terms of football.

The city is one of the best examples in the UK of how a club can be run, he said. The club is former midfielder Dietmar Hamann. They promoted a lot of people from the inside; people who were there 10 to 15 years ago in lower positions - they have held the highest positions since I was there [2006-09].

They have created a spirit where people want to be part of this journey. When a club is not performing well, when too many people are talking about who should be included, too many people are maybe even talking about choosing a team, what would you do then? You attract the wrong guy. And as a player, you will feel when you talk to people at a club. You think: Either something is developing or I come here because I have a lot of money and if it does not work, I will take a break after 12 months.


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