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Losers demand a woman VP candidate

Democrat Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobucher, and Elizabeth Warren all failed to beat a senile old man and a crazy communist. Like Hillary before them, they accept zero responsibility for their loss. Instead their supporters blame misogyny.

Having lost to Where Am I Biden and Breadline Bernie, they now demand that the winner select a woman as a running mate, oblivious to the sexism in that order.

Via Breitbart News, Cecile Richards, former president of the Planned Parenthood chain of butcher shops, said of Warren's departure from the race, "I guess there’s one thing we can do to take the first step, and that is there has to be a woman on this ticket. That’s a message that has to be heard loud and clear. Women will be the majority of voters in November. I think it’s important these candidates understand how important it is that we move a woman on the ticket."

Before I call her out on that, let me quote her further.

She said, "I want to say it here first because I do think it’s important. Women put their heart and soul into this primary, several of them supported the women who lost or who no longer look like will be the nominee. I think it’s important to recognize women are a supermajority in this country. We are the majority of voters. It’s time we have representation."

Women are not a supermajority. The nation is not 60% female.

Nor do they vote in solidarity. In 2008, Planned Parenthood was horrified by Sarah Palin's vice presidential candidacy.

This demand for a woman veep is a three-decade step backward for women, for Democrats, and for the nation.

The 1980s called and it wants its tokenism back. Geraldine Ferraro already was the first female vice presidential candidate representing a major American political party. She was selected by a former Democrat vice president running a hopeless campaign against an incumbent Republican president.

Liberals obsess with sex, race and age. Ideas do not matter to them. Journalist Caitlin Moscatello provided a perfect example of this obsession.

She wrote, "What was once a diverse field has now been narrowed to only two real contenders, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. The candidates offer different political ideologies, but they have some key traits in common. Mainly, they’re both nearing 80, they’re both white, they’re both men — and they’ll both likely need a female vice-president to join their ticket if they want to win."

The ideological differences do not matter. Only color, sex, and age matter to liberals. In the racist, sexist, and ageist minds of liberals, Biden would need to atone for his color, sex, and age by selecting a female running mate.

And even then Moscatello would not be satisfied. She wrote, "But in this moment, it feels like a consolation prize; women being asked to smile while holding a second-place trophy, knowing that the game was never quite fair and the hurdles were higher and any other metaphor for the sexism women face when running for office — especially executive office."

Blaming sexism when you lose is for losers and shows voters they made the right choice.

None of the four women senators running distinguished herself as a leader.

Nor did the 16 men who dropped out of the race.

Sexism did not do in Democrat Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobucher, and Elizabeth Warren.

Inability did.

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