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League of Legends creator reveals new team-based shooter, Valorant - MW

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced their next game, Valorant. Teased for a few weeks under the name of Project A, it is a team shooting game for PC taking place on Earth in the near future, where a catacylsmic event has reshaped the geopolitics of the planet.

Players choose from eight different secret agent options before engaging in tactical objective-based matches. The game will be downloaded for free, players will be able to purchase cosmetic items such as gun covers.

In the main mode of the game, the attacking team must place bombs on one of the locations and then protect it, while a defensive team must work to stop the action or defuse the explosives. bait.

In League of Legends, Los Angeles-based Riot Games has one of the most successful multiplayer online games in history, with over 100 million players every month. It is also one of the most popular games in esports. Its annual finale attracted a large online audience: in 2018, the official game channel was the first to score a billion views on the Twitch streaming platform.

Valorant is the company's first major release since League of Legends debuted in 2009. Riot promises a range of weapons and special abilities, including fortification and reconnaissance for enemies. . The game is an obvious attempt to compete with successful online shooters like Counter-Strike, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, and will enter the highly competitive field with a new title. Another, Bleting Edge, from Ninja Theory studio is owned by Microsoft. With stylized images and different characters from the hero, the Valorants seem to be aiming for the Activision title on Overwatch, but players start each round by purchasing skills for their characters. -Strike.

Anna During the development of Valorant, we want to defend the basic values of a competitive tactical shooter: precise shooting, deadly combat and strategic execution, according to Mr. Anna Donlon, at home Executive producer of the game. By adding character abilities that complement the shooter, we believe that we are developing on the basis of the traditional tac shooting experience and bringing something new to the genre.

Unlike Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant will be free to play. However, according to Polygon, the game will not include loot boxes, or game-related game mechanics that require players to pay for a set of virtual items that may or may not include rare goods. or wish.

Riot announced an open beta before the game was released this summer, although the date has not been announced.


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