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Inside Doom Eternal's Intense First Boss Fight: Doom Hunter - MW

Doom Eternal makes it clear that it challenges the player in a way that Doom 2016 did not do. It requires you to juggle many new weapons and mechanisms that are essential for survival while bringing tight and tight speed to battle. But it's not just an additional set of abilities, a larger combat arena, and fierce demons who hunt you down, pushing Doom Eternal to be more than its predecessors - you will also have to fight bosses. several aspects.

During a recent Doom Eternal preview event at id Software studio in Dallas, Texas, I played the fourth level of the solo campaign, housed in a spooky laboratory atop a snowy mountain. This level has a fierce battle scenario and platform chains, but the boss battle that completed the mission is what I'm thinking about. You can see exactly what I am saying in the game clip below.

Now playing: Decimate the new boss of Doom Hunter in Doom Eternal

Doom Hunter, classified as a super heavy demon, is very mobile and fires powerful rockets and fights with a stage in stages. First, the Doom Hunters are powerful and maneuverable missiles. They are protected by an energy shield which must be destroyed, so you will want to use plasma rifles as it is suitable for breaking shields. When you destroy the barrier, you have a short time to attack Doom Hunter with strong firepower to inflict real damage before his shield returns. You have to repeat this until their health bar runs out, then the second phase begins.

Doom Hunter is even more agile and aggressive during this period, which means that close combat can be dangerous. However, they are not shielded and I find that keeping the distance and using the rocket launcher locking clip is the most effective method. At the end of health, you will want to rush straight to Doom Hunter to kill the glory.

It sounds simple until you have to fight the two doom hunters at the same time on the next battlefield. Both behave the same, but having two hunting dogs at the same time makes it difficult to keep an eye on their fate. It would be wise to focus on eliminating one before hitting the other, but since they are the same, it is difficult to follow your main goal.

Meanwhile, other demons like goblins, zombies, gargoyles, prowlers and so on are regularly born to track you down. But the way Doom Eternal works, these little demons aren't just boring to make things more difficult; They are also your resource. Because specific weapons work well on Doom Hunters and the balls run out quickly, the demons make good fodder for sawmills to keep the balls at the top. The same thing happens to take health and armor at a pinch using Glory Kill and Burp respectively.

The combat arena is quite spacious and allows you to maintain your mobility with jumps, high platforms and scattered monkey bars. In general, this is a standard strategy for Doom Eternal, but it applies particularly here to the super heavy demons on your buttocks and resources.

Doom Hunter's boss fight is a great example of the "chess battle" identification software that tries to create in Doom Eternal. It's a height of controlled chaos that we've seen in the Doom game before, while showing a new focus on resource management and increased mobility. What I played lasts about four hours in the campaign, and with a confirmed duration of around 20 hours or more, this boss battle is just the start of what the game has in store.


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