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How Final Fantasy 7 Remake will expand on the original classic - MW

When Final Fantasy VII launched PlayStation in 1997, the genre of role-playing adventure changed forever. Abandoning bearded castles, creatures and witches of high imagination, the game takes place in a future world almost unknown in this style of play before. Revolutionary 3D modeling characters, sci-fi styles, and detailed images, often cinematic, have made critics and fans alike claim it to be one of the best video games. All the time.

In April, Final Fantasy VII Remake promises to redefine the genre once again and the developer of Square Enix wanted to emphasize that this is not a plan-by-plan remake. There will be a lot of familiar things - the opening film, with Cloud Strife, the iconic mercenary hero, big hair, big sword, arriving at the station - updated with love, and the first chapter The first of the game, in which a demo has been tested, is provided this week, bringing players into a beautifully recreated version of the bombing mission of the original Mako reactor.

But Final Fantasy VII Remake is expanding considerably on this world and will be released in several episodes, each offering a unique experience. In the opening version in April, the whole adventure will take place in the slums of Midgar, a large metropolis, where the powerful Shinra company is only seen a few hours in the original. According to the development team, this expansion pack will be filled with gaps compared to the original, adding depth and detail 23 years ago.

The philosophy behind the remake is Kill to do something completely new, NÃkiki Hamaguchi, who has been working on the Final Fantasy series since 2003. The game was originally built on the technology of the time. And because of this, there are many ways to tell stories that players have to fill with their imaginations. In the original, for example, when you move between areas, the screen dims in black; Didn players watch the trip.

The story will continue and what really happened during this period will leave your imagination. We approached this by thinking about what's really supposed to be going on here? The gaps that this does not tell you, and how can we fill them so that what is involved is actually displayed? [In the original] something happened that night. It was very strange. We need to find a more realistic way to organize the story.

While true to the story and the original location, Final Fantasy VII Remake will add elaborate environmental details. Midgar now feels like a living and breathing city with exciting new elements to explore. Get posters on the train platform for this first mission: When we thought, who came to the platform? What type of information do they want? Who wants to put up posters here? I really hope the players will see how we got into the world, said Hamaguchi. Elsewhere, the second chapter of the game presents the deadly villain Sephiroth and sows the historic seed between him and Cloud, the game will be contextualized.

Some supplements are more nuanced. In the first chapter of the game, as in the original, your team is on an ecological terrorist bombing mission to shoot down the Mako Reactor 1, used by the infamous Shinra Power Company to exploit the Lifestream itself. The essential course of the planet and its life threatening process.

In the original, the character's performances must be much higher, said Ham Hamaguchi. Now we get a subtle picture of what your team thinks, breaking the momentum of Barret fan favorite characters. You can't see your gung-ho attitude. After detonating the reactor, he had doubts and internal conflicts. Obviously, he believes in his cause, but he wonders if he does it right.

Along with the extra storytelling time, exquisite voice-over performances will add to the authenticity of the world. The same goes for battles, faithful to the original gameplay of the game - but more dynamic. And more importantly, more interesting, use the complex hybrid system with complex initial uptime with real-time combat. It is a smart, fast and strategic combination.

According to the classic ATB configuration, you have to wait for your character to integrate magic and healing, but you can use real-time combat to destroy your other weapons before enemies. . You must switch wisely among your team members to use their moving specialties against the weaknesses of the appropriate boss. Cloud's giant sword, as well as the weapon during melee attacks, while the Barret machine gun (also part of the arm) is best used for long-range attacks; Tifa uses martial arts skills and Aerith uses support type magic to support his allies. It's a lot to think of as the heat of a boss battle, but the complexity makes the battle worthwhile.

We really looked at what made up the original for Final Fantasy VII: all the characters, the story, the little games. Said Hamaguchi. Most of us certainly have small games, they have considered remakes which are all about nuance and naturalism, it is surprising to know that the small games will come back: real. It's hard to imagine the hangover of this old school part of industry, the cruel world of Midgar. And yet, some of the most frustrating memories of the original game were pressing buttons in a specific order to practice squats in the gym on Wall Market, cut left and right on your motorbike in Game G Bike or hit the arm - battling a sumo warrior on Wonder Square. And who could resist a chocobo race?

All there, they confirmed Hamaguchi. We have not only recreated the games from the original games; There are really a lot of different mini-games.

Now that the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake is near, the team is working on its sequel, which will take us deeper into the world outside of Midgar. It's still unclear how much more will be available, but the developers are open to the story that has been going on for years, but decades, with producer Yoshinori Kitase, a veteran of Final Fantasy. Else has stated that he intends to work with him for the rest of his career. And there is certainly enough rich material to transport it for how long. Clearly, once again, there is nothing definitive about this illusion.


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