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Halo: Combat Evolved just surprise launched on Steam - MW

Halo: Combat Evolve is available on PC. Again Unlike the original 2003 version, this new version features fancy campaign graphics for the 2011 remake of the Xbox Anniversary remake, as well as the multiplayer and multiplayer features of Master Chief. Collection, available on Steam. Developer 343 made a surprise launch today with no lead announcement, although there is a hint that Combat Evolve may soon arrive. This is the second game in MCC to attack PC after the return of Halo: Reach in December.

Three months, with a vacation in between, sounds like a quick change to a new PC port. The entire collection was developed throughout 2019, but it's encouraging to see that Halo: CE doesn't need a ton of beta testing. 343 industries carried out some beta flights in January and February and we will soon have everything in hand.

On Steam, you can buy the entire Master Chief collection for $ 40 or you can buy individual games for $ 10 (assuming they all cost the same as Halo: Reach). This version of Halo: Combat Evolve has an unlocked frame rate, FOV options, and supports resolutions as high as 4K. The original PC version still has a base of active players today thanks to a long-lasting mod and mapping scene, which 343 calls "community tradition" in a recent blog.

When the MCC version of Combat Evolve is released, there will be no server browser like the old PC version nor any modification tool to help the modder. But that won't block them either, and the game files are still based on this original PC version. Modders have added weapons and other new features to Reach, so I hope the legacy maps and mods from Combat Evolve will be easy to carry.

In a modding blog post, 343 senior producer Michael Fahrny wrote that "to modify, we still have a lot of water immersion. I have long-term goals to give. To the mod community more than they already have, but I'm not ready to go into details about it. "The development team is creating a new EULA, inspired by Minecraft, that will allow modders to be confident. be safe with the game without causing any legal film between 343 and the community.

"I think the key is to lower the barriers to entry as much as possible to not only allow people to create mods but also allow less technical people to manage their mods," Fahrny wrote. "The current means can be complicated and cause people to be in a bad situation, it's just not good for long term health adjustment. More official tools, things like Steam Workshop support , etc. is the best way to go. "


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  1. Is it a bug in bob the robber 4 on hud games , I enter space but not jumping. How can I report this bug?