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Genesee Valley Student and Teacher Selected for Forensics Program in Washington, DC

Savannah is pictured with her
mother Amy Werner, grandparents
Sandy and Danny Chan, and Mr. Anger
Savannah Werner, a junior at Genesee Valley Central School, was recently selected as a JASON Learning Argonaut for their Forensics & Public Health Expedition in Washington, DC. Joining Savannah will be Genesee Valley English Teacher, Mr. Dan Anger. The duo will spend a week this fall immersed in a project-based program along with students and teachers from across the United States.

JASON’s Argonaut program—named after the band of explorers in Greek mythology who accompanied the hero Jason in his quest to find the Golden Fleece—takes students to locations around the world to work side-by-side with scientists and engineers. In the program, students experience firsthand what it’s like to pursue a STEM career and return home to share that knowledge to their local communities.
“I was shocked to be chosen,” said Savannah. “I’m looking forward to learning more about the forensics field. I’ve watched so many detective shows and it’s crazy that I’ll be able to see the real deal. I’m so ready to meet new people and go through this journey with my teacher Mr. Anger.”
Savannah is the fourth Genesee Valley student to be selected as a JASON argonaut. Past students have traveled to the Catalina Islands, Nevada, and the Amazon rainforest in Peru.
“Savannah and I are excited to head to DC to fight crime together,” added Mr. Anger. “We've decided on our crime fighting secret identities: Dr. Anger and Lady Dynamite. Criminals will fear us!”
The expedition will take place in September 2020 with JASON covering expenses for lodging, food, programming, and equipment costs.

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