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Eric Dier confronts fan in stands after Tottenham's FA Cup defeat by Norwich - MW

Eric Dier faces a potentially long ban after engaging in a confrontation with a Tottenham supporter after his team was defeated by FA FA on Wednesday.

The English midfielder scored a penalty during a penalty shootout but saw the Spurs retreat 3-2 after Gedson Fernandes' last free kick was saved by Tim Krul. But after an event that evoked memories of Eric Cantona's attack on a Crystal Palace fan in January 1995, all of the post-match attention was focused on the action of Dier, who must have refrain. after climbing the stands after a fan seemed to have a disagreement with his brother.

I think Eric Dier did something that we were professional, we couldn't do it, but in those cases, I think everyone would do it, he said, Spurs manager Jose. Mourinho. Because when someone insults you and your family is there and your family is involved with the person who offended you, in this case being a younger brother, I think Eric did what we couldn't not to do. But I repeat, maybe each of us will do the trick.

So Eric Dier just launched passed me at game against to launch into a fan. Make of that what you will @SpursOfficial

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A number of videos of the incident posted on social media made it clear that Dier had zoned to run ads before dragging a few rows to reach the supporters. An animated discussion then saw the 26-year-old constantly rushing toward his goal before the flight attendants hastily intervened.

Dier was eventually returned to the locker room, Mourinho admitting that his midfielder had passed the mark on a disappointing night for the club which had seen them defeated by the bottom team. Premier League after the hero Krul stoned on penalties.

Fans, they were with the team until the last free kick we missed, Mourinho. The people in these privileged positions, in the area of ​​this tunnel, of course, some are Tottenham fans but I think a lot of companies, a lot of invitations, a lot of people with a special status and maybe it is the place in the stadium where I sometimes doubt that if they are real people, real Tottenham fans. Because these people [the real fans] are the ones who support the ball until the last one.

This person insulted Eric, the family was there and his brother was not satisfied with the situation. And then Eric, I repeat, did what our experts couldn't do but did something that we would probably do.

Dier was said to have stayed in the locker room for more than an hour after the incident, Mourinho refusing to comment on rumors that fans had abused Fernandes' race after being fined.

"I can't say. I don't know," he said. "I only know Eric's reaction based on my brother, not like what's going on there, but I can't go in the direction of these details.

It is still unclear how Dier was informed of the disagreement regarding his brother who had just joined the match, although the Football Association may have little insight into his actions.

Cantona was banned for eight months and also charged by police after his notorious kung fu kick against Matthew Simmons at Selhurst Park, after performing 120 hours of training for Manchester United youth teams. The Frenchman was also suspended by United until the end of the season, but was asked if the Spurs would do anything to Dier, Mourinho said: `` A club doing that, I wouldn't be okay, but he did it wrong.

While Tottenham will now have to wait another year, at least winning the FA Cup in 1991, Norwich manager Daniel Farke is delighted with his lateral performance when they reached the final. in the first quarter-final since 1992.

Today we created something special because I think it's the greatest success in the history of the FA Cup in almost 30 years. Passing this round and doing it is a great performance, he said.

It's very difficult terrain here, Tottenham, and finally there was a great feeling of victory and I was very excited for my boys. I really feel that we deserve this great victory for our club and for that we are all very happy.


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