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Does it come in Mustang size?

Me want.

A fellow in Oklahoma has wrapped his $240,000 Lamborghini in Donald John Trump the way the president wraps himself around the American flag.


That's The Donald on the top. You won't see it when I have my top down.

I Own The World called the car the ultimate bumper sticker.

TV stations are in love with this story. They have video. I have pictures. I'm a retired print guy who is too stubborn for those new-fangled moving pictures.

KTUL reported, "Business owner Steve Currington, also known as Lambro Steve, drives his Lamborghini to spark conversations with people of both political beliefs. He wrapped his car a couple weeks ago, and has driven it all around Oklahoma."

ABC reported, "Currington has all different nods to Trump's presidency, between total acquittal on the windshield to the gas tank saying it's fueled by liberal tears."

And it said, "Currington says the reaction so far has been mostly positive."

He is a mortgage banker who has used his Lime Green Lamborghini Huracan to promote himself. He even has it tattooed on his arm. He runs Total Lending Concepts (TLC, get it?).

That Currington shows off his wealth to gain customers is a very Trumpian way of branding.

His ultimate goal is to meet the president.

It is self-promotion, sure. He even said he will do a Bernie wrap if Comrade Sanders wins. But the Trump Wrapped Lambro is fun.

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