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Coronavirus live updates: Italy under lockdown as WHO says threat of pandemic ‘very real’ - MW

Chinese President Xi Jinping went to Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak began on Tuesday morning.

He was set up to check on disease control efforts and visit frontline staff such as health workers, state media reported.

His visit to the city marks the first time he has done so since the epidemic began late last year.

ASX increased by 1.2%
Ben Butler
With less than two hours of trading a day, ASX has steadily increased by nearly 1.2%.

This is a dramatic turning point from the gloomy picture when opening a trade, when the benchmark ASX200 index dropped by 3.7%.

US President Donald Trump, announcing the stimulus package shortly after 10 am, Australia time, reversed what is now considered the second day of heavy losses.
The low confidence of business managers, revealed in a NAB survey around 11.30 am, could not make a comeback.

Now all eyes on the market will focus on what the Australian government decided to include in the stimulus package, which will launch shortly after Wednesday.

Just doubling back to the beginning of that news conference, Greg Hunt, the Australian health minister, also medical experts were reviewing the status of Italian travel advisories. An update on that is expected in the next 24 hours.

Addressing concerns expressed by casual workers or workers who do not have sick cover, Hunt said the attorney general and industrial relations minister, along with the chief medical officer, met at around table with employers and employees to discuss maintaining the workforce and “helping those people who are within the workforce that, at some stage, are affected by the virus in terms of their continuity of employment.”

I expect we will here more on this in the coming days, given that millions of Australians may not have access to sick cover from their work.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said that this was a one-time challenge in 50 years and that Australians should take advantage of the current understanding that people can only get the disease once. And, as such, this crisis will pass.

Australia's health minister, Greg Hunt, said that efforts to prevent viruses have so far been a major public effort.

Now we are entering a period where many people will be exposed and many will be affected. And so, this is the moment where we all have to once again show that spirit from the summer of mutual support and realize that while there are challenges, we will completely overcome this.

The next question is about clinics set up to treat potential patients. Greg Hunt, Australia's Health Minister, said there are four hospitals in Victoria that run clinics. The Gold Coast (in the state of northern Queensland) has them, he said and New South Wales is carrying out its own activities.

He emphasized that people can call state or national hotlines for information.

Brendan Murphy, health director, said that the national hotline will be provided with a very clear information scenario and the general practitioner will also have access to this.

We will make sure that the information is available in the hotline, out there in the GP's mind and to ensure that private pathology laboratories are currently preparing for testing, initially only carried out. by the public health laboratories, have identified collection centers where they will implement them and that information will be provided within a few days to all health professionals.

Professor Brendan Murphy is being asked about how the test was conducted in Australia and he said it was done by swapping from the nose or throat or lungs. He said the test suite is looking for viral genetic material and the current method is very reliable.

The next question is whether Australia should introduce a large quarantine area like Italy. done. Greg Hunt, the country's health minister, says they are following the advice of health professionals. He doesn't have the exact answer to the question, but Murphy, the medical director, is now saying he doesn't think the mass quarantine is worth it, given the current low levels of transmission in the community. now on.

If we have a more sustainable community transmission, then we will not hesitate to make recommendations about public, school and similar gatherings. We only have one problem of community transformation in Ryde. I can imagine how the doctor would feel motivated to make the measures harder. But we are looking at this every day.

Brendan Murphy, Australia's chief medical officer, said that with this virus in general, once you have been infected, you have the ability to develop immunity.

This virus, in general, you would expect that once you have an infection, create immunity to it, you will not be susceptible to re-infection. The reason for the flu, you can easily get re-infected, is because the virus mutates all the time very quickly. These viruses, related to the SARS and MERS viruses, tend not to have the same mutation. But we are still absolutely certain, as the Minister said, but we think it is unlikely that someone eradicated an infection that would easily be re-infected.

Both men are asking about whether people can be reinfected. Hunt says: “It is highly unlikely that people can be reinfected.”

Australia has 100 Covid-19 cases
Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt, and health director, Brendan Murphy, are in Sydney, introducing the media about the latest developments in the government coronavirus outbreak.

Hunt began by honoring the medical staff in Australia.

As I said on the weekend, if in the summer, firefighters and emergency services personnel are our national heroes, then in the coming months, our medical force, the health sector of We will be the heroes.

He confirmed that there are currently 100 cases in Australia.

Professor Murphy is currently talking about a significant outbreak in Italy. He said that pushed the Italian government to take some quite important measures.

Murphy said the most significant outbreak at the moment was in northern Sydney.

Now he talks about who should be examined.

Our focus at the moment is to examine returning travelers, who have acute respiratory symptoms - cough, sore throat and the like. And contact of the case is confirmed. The Australian Principal's Committee for Health Protection will make recommendations about whether medical staff should also be checked in some cases, but that recommendation will still come. But currently we do not recommend that general members of the community with acute respiratory symptoms - colds, flu and the like - be tested.

U.S. President Donald Trump has not yet been tested for coronavirus, the White House said on Monday, although at least two lawmakers he just spoke to had declared themselves quarantined after attending a conference with someone who tried it. positive test for virus, Reuters report.

The President did not receive the Covid-19 test because he did not have close contact with any of the confirmed Covid-19 patients, nor did he have any symptoms. President Trump is still in excellent health and his doctor will continue to closely monitor him, White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement.

Mongolia said on Tuesday that a French citizen working in the country was confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, marking the country's first case.

The National Emergency Committee said in a statement that the patient, a 57-year-old man, had arrived in Mongolia from France and transited through Moscow. The government has identified 42 people the patient met and another 120 closely connected with patients, who work for Badrakh Energy in southern Dornogovi province and are in stable condition.

Mongolia has suspended all local tours in Dornogovi province, the commission said.

The infection occurred despite strict borders and travel controls imposed by Ulaanbaatar to prevent the virus.

Mongolia has suspended border crossings from China, imposed a travel ban on people from Japan and South Korea until March 11, and suspended schools until the end of March.

Mongolian President Battulga Khaltmaa and other government officials submitted a 14-day quarantine check in late February after returning home after a visit to China as a precaution.

Emergency workers are still working to find 12 people after a hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian province, used as a quarantine center, collapsed on Saturday night. A total of 18 people have died, according to the latest update.

A part of Beijing Capital Airport will be split for flights coming from countries affected by the virus so that tourists can be inspected more closely, according to a meeting organized by officials in Beijing on Monday afternoon. They do not say when this will begin.

China’s ministry of emergency management said on Tuesday that three emergency services officials in Tianjin, Shandong, and Henan had died from “overwork”. The ministry said the three “sacrificed themselves on the frontline”.

Franck Riester, French culture minister, became the latest politician to sign a coronavirus, a government colleague said Monday, after several lawmakers were diagnosed with coronavirus.

Riester is doing well and resting at home, Health Minister Olivier Veran said on BFM Television.

Five French MPs have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection, according to media reports on Monday, along with a worker in the National Assembly cafeteria where some or all lawmakers may have picked it up.

Riester may have caught the virus from one of five MPs, the culture ministry source said. The affected minister last met President Emmanuel Macron a few days ago, they added.

No one has been shaking hands at cabinet meetings in the past two weeks, Veran said.

Passengers aboard the ill-fated Grand Princess cruise ship, of which 19 crew members and two passengers tested positive for coronavirus, took it to dry land, reported by Guardian Mario Marioan

Just before noon the ship passed beneath the iconic red beams of the Golden Gate bridge to the applause of passengers.

The has now entered the SF Bay. Escorted by Coast Guard en route to the Port of Oakland. At last update 21 passengers and crew tested positive for

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94 người đang nói chuyện về điều này

The ship evaporated toward the port of Oakland, where officials fenced an area of 10 acres (four hectares) to prepare for landing.

Federal health officials say nearly 1,000 California residents will travel to military bases in the state, while residents of other states will complete mandatory quarantine at the Air Force Base. San Antonio Lackland in Texas or Dobbins air base in Georgia.

Large numbers of people disembarking now from docked ⁦@PortofOakland⁩ They are boarding buses, which are then staging at one end of the nearly 11 acres that are cordoned off around Berth 22. It appears all the buses will pull out together.

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Michelle Heckert, a resident of the bay, who was quarantined as a passenger on board, shared songs about her experience on the Grand Princess. She said the train companions she talked to seemed to be in good spirits despite being in their rooms.

Most of the passengers Iveve came across seemed to be positive or at least trying to stay calm. Our balcony neighbors seem to be having fun, especially when they can go out and enjoy the sun. Feeling like the ship could be calmer than the people watching outside, she said.

Obviously everyone loves getting off the bus, but we still have 14 days of isolation, so it's a bit sad.

🎶 Stuck on a ship, scared as sh*t, but we’re all right 🎶

This quarantined cruise ship passenger is turning to music amid the coronavirus outbreak
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The Seattle-area nursing home at the epicenter of one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks in the United States said on Monday it did not have a set of tools to test 65 employees showing symptoms of the killed respiratory disease. At least 13 patients died in long-term care centers, Reuters reports.

The staff in question, representing more than one-third of the Life Care Center 180 employees, were free of coronavirus-related symptoms, and a group of federal attackers and nurses were helping with care. The remaining 53 patients in the center.

With the Seattle suburban Kirkland facility accounting for more than half of all known U.S. coronavirus deaths and all tested patients, it is unclear why Life Care lacks a diagnostic kit for patients. members, even if the University of Washington offers to process samples for them.

Twenty-six of the 120 patients living in a nursing home since February 19 died, with 13 of the 15 examinations conducted so far confirming coronavirus as the cause, Life Care officials said. said on Monday.

Of the 53 residents still in the facility on Monday, results for 31 of the 35 people tested so far have been positive for coronavirus, they said.

Washington generally recorded 162 confirmed cases, one of the largest tally of any state in the United States. The nationwide number has exceeded 600.


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