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Coronavirus latest updates: Trump admits outbreak 'might' impact US economy - MW

In brief
Events continue to occur as coronavirus infections spread throughout the world. Below, a summary of the key points of the past few hours:

  • Donald Trump has acknowledged that coronavirus may have an impact on the relationship with the US economy but said it would overcome. Previously, he has reduced the economic impact of the outbreak, predicting last week that the stock market will recover. The Dow Jones index fell 3.6% on Thursday.
  • Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, who is leading the coronavirus efforts in the US, admitted that the country does not have enough test kits: Today we do not have enough tests to meet what we have. The prediction will be demand coming, he said.
  • China announced 143 new virus infections on Friday and 30 new deaths (29 in Hubei).
  • A Chinese researcher told the state's People Daily Daily that Wuhan will not encounter any new cases by the end of this month.
  • A man in New Zealand with Covid-19 attended a rock concert with thousands of others.
  • In Australia's largest city, Sydney, an Epping Boy Hay High school was closed after a 16-year-old student was diagnosed with a virus. An employee at an elderly care facility, Dorothy Henderson Lodge, was also diagnosed ... four other residents at the facility were diagnosed, one of them died.
  • The Australian Federal Government Australia has formed a national indigenous advisory group to quickly monitor emergency plans for aboriginal communities who are most vulnerable to any potential contagion. by Covid-19.
  • The number of deaths in Italy from the outbreak has increased to 148, with 3,858 cases.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron has said that a coronavirus disease is inevitable in France. There were 423 infections and seven people died.
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared a state of emergency 30 days after coronavirus infections were reported in the West Bank town of Bethlehem.

Helen Davidson
Scholars have called for a more rigorous test of dogs tested for weak positive for coronavirus

Yesterday, it was reported that a pet dog in Hong Kong is continuing to return weak positive results to people with coronavirus infection.

It first showed a low-level infection last week, and was put into quarantine where it showed even more positive results. Puppy owners have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The medical experts involved in the incident agreed that it was capable of transmitting from person to animal, even though the dog had no symptoms.

We have discussed with other experts around the world in this field. And we are pretty sure this dog has a low level of infection, and it has been confirmed, said Dr. Thomas Sit Hon-chung, assistant director of inspection and quarantine at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation said.

I believe it is appropriate to use the word ‘verified, or already infected.

However, scholars have called for more stringent testing to exclude that animals are only contaminated but not infected.

The blood sample is taken on Tuesday, but the result is waiting five to seven days.

Professor Vanessa Barrs of City University, said the antibody blood test was positive, which means that a low-level infection was confirmed.

If the test is negative, it means that the dog is not infected or it has a infection so mild that it does not produce antibodies.

Professor Barrs, one of the experts involved in the case, said there was no evidence yet that humans could be infected by their pets, and people should panic.

Now more on besieged airlines.

Cathay Pacific, under increasing pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, is planning to close its Vancouver base in June, the South China Morning Post is reporting.

The report said the closure, which was reported as already on the card but has now been forwarded, could cost up to 150 jobs.

The Vancouver crew base is the last remaining facility for the airline in Canada, after it closed down the Toronto base last year.

Airlines are particularly difficult in the context of an epidemic, as countries near the border with tourists from affected countries and people avoid traveling.

Industry authorities have warned the disease could cost $ 113 billion in revenue.

On Thursday, British budget airline Flybe went into management, canceling all flights.

Martin Farrer

Donald Trump, commenting on viruses and economy is interesting because he admits that the situation could get worse before it gets better - and because he often brags about record highs. in the stock market since he came to power.

But despite a brief rally after cutting the Fed's emergency interest rate on Tuesday, stocks were falling sharply again and Trump was forced to change his tone.

Wall Street is on the way for another battering on Friday judged by futures trading and what happens in Asia.

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The Nikkei in Tokyo is off more than 3% now, Seoul is down 2.27%, Hong Kong has lost 2% and . Shanghai is down 1%. In Australia, where shrinking retail sales have not helped, the ASX200 is 2% in the red.

1h ago

In the United States, an employee at the Seattle Century Century Field Stadium tested positive for coronavirus, the ESPN report. Employees working at a XFL Seattle Dragons home game on February 22, but for now, none of the games scheduled to play at the facility have been canceled, according to local health officials. .

Mike Pence admits shortage of coronavirus test kits

US Vice President Mike Pence said there were too few coronavirus testing kits to meet the needs, the CNN report. Pence is leading the government's response to the spread of the virus.

Today, we don't have enough tests to meet what we anticipate will be future needs, Pence Pence told reporters while visiting 3M facilities in Minnesota.

Trump admits coronavirus "might" impact US economy

Donald Trump has acknowledged that coronavirus may have an impact on the US economy but said it would pass, according to a Reuters report.

The US president has previously sought to reduce the impact of the outbreak and predicted last week that the US stock market will recover after losses last week.

But asked at his first town hall meeting during the 2020 election season in Scranton, Pennsylvania, if an outbreak would hurt the economy, he said:

It can certainly have an impact. At the same time, I must say that people currently in the United States spend their money in the US and I like that.

It will go to work all. Everyone must be calm. We plan for every single possibility and I think that is what we have to do. We hope it doesn't last too long.

He dismissed criticism of the government's handling of the crisis.

I think people watching us have done a great job. What we have to do is do a professional job. No one blamed us on the virus, he said. This started in China.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited a residential area in Wuhan to check on the work of community officials who are believed to be helping isolated residents at home to get food and supplies. People shouted from their windows, Fake Fake, Fake, seemingly referring to the statement of the community staff.

resident yelled "it's all fake" when Vice Premier was inspecting a residential complex on lockdown, calling out the hoax that community put together to cope with inspection as they failed to deliver daily necessities that were supposed to be sent to each family.

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