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Coronavirus latest updates: race to trace dozens of patients of sick doctor in Australia - MW

3h ago

New Zealand General Director of Health Ashley Bloomfield said that of the eight New Zealanders aboard the Grand Princess, the isolated cruise ship off the coast of San Fransisco, five are watching the two-week period where people will appear. symptom .

One was a seventy-year-old woman, cured of respiratory disease.

Dr. Bloomfield is now tested and although the test results are negative, we have a strong consensus ... that when she first got respiratory illness, she was a possible case. out, Dr. Bloomfield said.

13m in advance
Concerning the latest case in Victoria, Australia, a doctor treated seventy patients after flu-like symptoms - he is now a confirmed case of Covid-19, the doctor. Sutton, the state's chief medical officer.

How worried are you when the doctor is treating this patient nearby, that we will have more cases of coronavirus infection?

He answered:

We need to be alert to our abilities, which is why we will monitor them daily. All of them have been in contact with the person this morning, they will be called back throughout the day. They will be isolated and with regard to their ongoing risk of developing the disease, we can control it, but yes, we must be alert to the possibility of disease.

Still in Australia: asked whether he would extend that travel advice to the general public, state chief health officer Dr. Sutton says:

I think everyone needs to give consideration to information that is important to them. People have family around the world, people have different risk tolerance. But people should look at the WHO website...It does depend on if you are in a vulnerable and high-risk age group, it does depend on who you are travelling with, how long you will be there for, and the extent to which you can protect yourself in terms of from others.There are lots of complex things at play. For the Department of education they needed a definitive statement, but for everyone else, you need to look at all the information and make a judgement for yourself.

In Victoria, Australia: state chief health officer Dr. Sutton says, regarding students, “there may come a point where we say no international travel at the moment my recommendation is to restrict travel to New Zealand and Canada.”

In Australia, Victorian health minister Jenny Mikakos says the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity is working on a more efficient test for Covid-19.

They are working on a far more quick test. So at the moment it takes about three hours from the time that the swab sample arrives to get a result, and the travel time getting it there does add to the turnaround. They are looking at potentially a pin blood test that could mean that we could get a test result within 20 minutes.

In Australia, Victorian health minister Jenny Mikakos is addressing the media regarding the latest coronavirus case in the state, its eleventh, which is a medical doctor who treated seventy patients despite experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Still in Victoria, Australia, just a bit more on this doctor. He is the latest confirmed case:

Victorian health minister Jenny Mikakos:

The latest case is a doctor from Toorak in his 70s, who displayed mild symptoms on a flight from the United States. He is now recovering in home isolation. It was confirmed positive last night following a series of tests. The doctor recently travelled to Denver and Bali Colorado, via LosAngeles, and was there for several days before onset. He most likely acquired his infection in the UnitedStates. He became unwell with a runny nose on an internal flight from Denver to San Francisco onFebruary 27, US time, then flew from San Francisco to Melbourne on a United Airlines flight, arriving at approximately 9:30am Saturday the 29 February. The doctor, from the Toorak clinic in Malvern Road consulted approximately 70 patients for five days, between Monday the 2 March and Friday the 6 March.

Latest China figures: 99 new cases
We have the latest figures for China now.

Mainland China had 99 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections on Friday, the country’s National Health Commission said on Saturday, down from 143 cases a day earlier.

That brings the total accumulated number of confirmed cases in mainland China so far to 80,651.

The death toll from the outbreak in mainland China was 3,070 as of the end of Friday, up by 28 from the previous day.

The central province of Hubei, the epicentre of the outbreak, reported 28 new deaths. In the provincial capital of Wuhan, 21 people died.


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