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Chaos caused by Hopp banners raises questions about Bundesliga priorities - MW

Dietmar Hopp stood in the rain, clasped his hands and waved them thanks to the players from Bayern Munich, who stood around him, the supporters of the PreZero Arena and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Hasan Salihamidzic, who were warmly squeezed in his arms It was an extraordinary and unprecedented end for an extraordinary and unprecedented afternoon.

Bayern beat home team Hoffenheim with much more comfort than expected, 6-0, but the champions revolted in the rare case of the apparently unbreakable top scorer. Their cancellation, Robert Lewandowski was hardly a comment during the procedure. All were left with a banner, held in the visitors' corner of the stadium, with the game long over.

Smell of Hurensohn, he said. You are the son of a whore. The simple message is that the straw has broken the camel. Following a three-step protocol for incidents of discrimination - originally introduced by Uefa for racial incidents - the game stopped, and the players and the Bayern bench approached the fans asking them to pose the banner. Hansi Flick, who spent five years as a coach at Hoffenheim, seemed particularly angry.

Then came the really weird part. As the match continued, Hoffenheim and Bayern agreed not to score - and not to try - for the last 15 minutes of the match, and to play football together, as the players warmed up. Local supporters cheered, and when players on both sides surrounded Hopp gratefully at a solidarity show at the end, it was a group saying it was enough.

1️⃣ Bayern fans unveil banner insulting Hoffenheim owner.
2️⃣ Match almost abandoned.
3️⃣ 13 minutes of uncontested football.
4️⃣ Show of solidarity at full-time.

An explanation of exactly what happened in a surreal Bundesliga clash between Bayern and Hoffenheim...

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 Hopp is a software billionaire who has brought his fifth-floor home team to nonstop flight for more than a decade and into the Champions League, thanks to a solid investment. It is considered by many fans to be a confrontation with the traditional values ​​of German football, when it pays a fine. Fans of Dortmund - much later - protested against him for years and were punished 10 days ago, banning people from watching their team's games in Hoffenheim for two. The following season, although the German FA (DFB) undertakes to overcome collective sanctions. Super culture returned, this past weekend and that.

FA President German Fritz Keller, guest on Saturday night on the ZDF flagship, Das Aktuelle Sportstudio, called the Hoffenheim events a towel disaster and told host Katrin Müller-Hohenstein: I got the lowest score. It can go on like this. Borussia Mönchengladbach sporting director Max Eberl - who criticized his club's ultrasound last week with captain Lars Stindl for posting a Hopp description banner in the letters on Sunday. cross, similar to that used by Dortmund ultrasounds in the past - made a guest on Sky 90 and reiterated its position. They have a voice, he said. The ban protest is acceptable, but not that way.

Hopp himself has drawn the bridge to a compromise, saying in a statement that after the previous dialogue - and in particular Dortmund - the supporters who would give a millimeter, the next negotiations were no longer an option for me, at- he says. I have no reason to deal with people to whom I have never done anything, people who have insulted me massively for years without reason and who do not want to seek consensus at all, he continues. Many Dortmund fans will have problems with this. Part of the reason some people continue to target Hopp is that in August 2011, a Hoffenheim worker was caught making a discordant noise from a speaker in the remote area to drown out a loud cry . Hopp from Dortmund fans.

Worse yet, we sing in football stadiums in Germany. When defenseman Hertha Jordan Torunarigha was the victim of racial violence during the recent DFB Pokal match in Schalke, he received a second yellow card for his backlash. The game stopped and the player did not decide to give up the game to get a backlash. Although the cross banner could be very bad - and especially last week in Gladbach, after the Hanau terrorist attack - the Hur Hurohn attacking words used in the Bayern banner were praised for the players. football, opposition teams and supporters for most of the week.

While the Hoffenheim incident received the most attention, due to Hoppien's presence and the game's extraordinary coda game, Bayern's ultrasound scanners have been widely mentioned elsewhere. . In Saturday's last game in Cologne, where captain Jonas Hector and other players, sports director Horst Heldt and coach Markus Gonomol approached Südkurve and begged them to put up a banner referring to Hopp. . In Dortmund, where only the screams were enough to have the brief threat of a suspended match. On Sunday at Union, a Hopp-shaped banner printed on a cross and another reading was simply Hur Hurohnohn which led to the players being removed from the field by referee Bastian Dankert in a matter of minutes. Also on the second floor in Bochum, the restart was delayed after Arsenal's goal to lend Jordi Osei-Tutu to the home team as fans held up the banner over the issue of resolving the lack of reaction. Similar responses to Hoffenheim for racial incidents, such as those related to Torunarigha.

All of these events have something in common. The word "Hur Hurohnohn" is for a person, who refers to Hopp in the same term as the previous demonstrations, without referring to him by name in most cases. And just like the reaction of the players and the staff of Bayern, about this little name, the protest of the werewolf speaks only of Hopp, but more of what is a repression of their freedom. criticizing it can represent. Bayern ultras Südkurve, making its own statement on Sunday, stressed this. Even if [Dortmund's] sentence is not related to us and the Hopp subject is not related to us, we still consider it an attack on the rights of fans in general, have they written, concluded Done with a fucking DFB prank!

The ultrasound is merged, but not all the fans. During their stopover in Cologne, the supporters hooted and hissed, but for various reasons. Some people standing in the stands hid the ultrasound or stood up and gave them their middle fingers. Others find the referees too picky and want them to continue the match. In Bochum, when banners were placed, words and more were exchanged on Ostkurve among fans with different perspectives, and managers were forced to break at least one reckless affair. fights.

Some people agree with Eberl that the ultrasound expression method is too much. However, how many people outside of Hoffenheim agree with the last great players who feel so attached to a wealthy owner that the subject of language is so offensive that an entire stadium of Fans must be punished by two teams effective soon? And how can you compare meaningful words targeting a wealthy owner with a skinned player?

Keller, in particular, drew great warmth for a number of responses unrelated to Das Aktuelle Sportstudio, in which he was adamant about the Hoffenheim incident but did not make a firm statement on the issue of racism. clan. After a weekend of decisive action, the same standards should be applied to the types of problems that require greater intensity. What should Jordan Torunarigha think?


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