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Chairman Langworthy and Broome County GOP Officials Call for Full Bail Reform Repeal

Binghamton, NY - New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy traveled to the Southern Tier Tuesday to continue his call for a full repeal of bail reform and for any proposed reforms to be introduced and debated in separate bills with mandatory public hearings and input from law enforcement officials. 
Standing in front of the Broome County Courthouse, Chairman Langworthy was joined by State Senator Fred Akshar, Broome GOP Chairman Bijoy Datta and dozens of residents. Hundreds of criminals in Broome County have been released since the laws took effect January 1st, including an arrest for rape of a mentally disabled victim, multiple arrests of soliciting sexual performance of a child, injuring a child, strangulation and a manslaughter charge. 
Chairman Langworthy has been warning New Yorkers that Cuomo’s mandate that bail reform changes be included in the state budget will be nothing more than public relations window-dressing designed to help vulnerable Democrats paying a political price for the fallout of their new laws. Chairman Langworthy has frequently criticized Cuomo, who once called the total elimination of all bail “the perfect scenario,” for fundamentally changing the criminal justice system in a budget bill that was passed in the middle of the night without public hearings and input from law enforcement.
“One-Party Democrat rule has been an unmitigated disaster for the safety and security of New Yorkers,” said NYGOP Chairman Langworthy. “Cuomo and the legislature were hell-bent on scoring political points with the radical left that controls them and ramming these changes through in the budget is what got us into this mess in the first place. What we are witnessing now is nothing more than public relations damage-control designed to try and save their own hides. They have underestimated the people of this state who have had enough and they’re ready to hold them accountable this November.”  
“Unlike the Democrats who enacted these dangerous laws, I’ve actually served in law enforcement working to keep our community safe and help crime victims,” said Senator Fred Akshar. “I fought so vehemently against this law because I knew firsthand the impact it would have on the safety of all New Yorkers. Under one-Party Democrat rule, radical special interests control the agenda, while our men and women in law enforcement are given zero consideration. We can establish a fairer criminal justice system without putting the safety of New Yorkers at risk, and I will not give up this fight until we restore sanity and law-and-order to state government.” 

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