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Bricks and clicks: Lego Super Mario product line to hit shelves this year - MW

Lego and Nintendo have announced a joint product called Lego Super Mario, which combines manufacturers of toys for playing games with Mario platform games.

All the details have not yet been announced, but as teased on social networks this week, the central element of the new Lego set is the clever Mario figure with a small screen on the chest and face, which can be detected . So which brick it is close to. It will involve a variety of buildings and collect shows.

Although Lego has partnered with other video game franchises in the past, like Sonic the Hedgehog, this is the first time that Mario has appeared as Lego. Lego Super Mario is described as a product line, not just once.

As a promotional video shows, Mario's interactive characters collect coins at a physical level of play in Lego bricks. It is also possible that he can interact in different ways, and be able to collect other objects to strengthen his collection skills: we see him pick up a heart and panic. disorder during a fire.

The ability to design these levels in a certain way promises greater player participation. With the Lego Super Mario smart figure, it is possible to add time limits and consecutive challenges to the courses that users take. This concept can be seen as an extension of Super Mario Maker games, allowing players to design their own levels.

Interestingly, there are no signs of interaction between the tablet or smartphone. Parents might accept this, but it looks like Lego Mario technology won't connect to other devices in some way - perhaps through a related application similar to Minecraft toys that support NFC. of Mattel recently. The Bluetooth button on the back of the toy seems to suggest this type of connection.

This toy-to-meet video game market was once known as the toy life toy, when the video game Skylanders launched in 2011 with a series of related figurines. Since then, there have been many smart toy ideas (including impressive Lego Dimensions) but very little success has been sustained.

The Lego Super Mario sets seem to be aimed at a younger crowd, between the ages of five and nine. This raises the question of what the interaction will be like: Lego Super Mario will be something that users play on their own or will be able to compete and collaborate with friends who also have their own Lego Super Mario, as with Recent Hotwheels cars and plays?

This is the latest in a series of recent Lego video game innovations. Last year, they released Lego Brawls, a Super Smash Bros style game, on Apple Arcade along with augmented reality video game Lego Hidden Side.

Nintendo's influence is clear in the marketing of new Lego sets. Instead of being launched at the New York Toy Fair, the largest trade fair in the industry, Lego Super Mario was revealed through digital channels.

More will be revealed closer to the launch, expected later this year. Of particular importance will be the prices of the ministries and how they work together to provide increased value. As we have seen with the previous toy brands, which are often flooded with gadgets and accessories, the market is very cost-sensitive, especially popular titles like Fortnite are often played for free. charge.


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