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Barbra Streisand's obsession with Trump

A day in the life of Barbra Streisand is sad. Sure she has fame and fortune (her net worth is estimated at $400 million) but she is one sad septuagenarian.

She wrote in Variety, "Every morning I wake up, holding my breath while I turn on my phone to see the latest news. I think to myself, 'It can’t be worse than yesterday.' But when the news loads, I think, 'Ohhhhh, yes, it is worse.'

"No wonder doctors report that more people than ever are anxious and depressed."

That is pathetic. She has so much to look forward to each day. She has a good husband, a good family, and friends around the world. She lives in a mansion on a marvelous estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.

Why does she wake up every morning and immediately tune in the news? Why does she reach out each day to find some new reason to hate President Donald John Trump. Why is she so determined to become upset and angry over things that are out of her control?

She wrote, "Since 2016, we’ve been dragged down into the mud of Trump’s swamp. He has demolished our standing in the world with his laughable boasts and breathtaking ignorance. He has put the security of this country, and our planet, in a precarious position by abandoning the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal. He’s a one-man weapon of mass destruction … so reckless that he almost started a war.

"Now we’re facing another kind of war, against the corona virus. Trump got rid of our pandemic specialist two years ago and has defunded the Centers for Disease Control because he continues to ignore science.

"We can’t go on like this. It’s too dangerous."

Not only does she obsess with the news, she gets it all wrong. The president did not defund the CDC. There was not even a budget cut. She is an intelligent woman. Where does she get this crazy stuff?

Streisand has all that money, all the fame, and all those memories. Why is she wallowing in the angst and depression that hating President Donald John Trump brings to her?

Part of the answer is in her liberalism. I have noticed how miserable liberal women can be. Yesterday, former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile in a Fox News segment told RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to go to hell. Twice. A reader asked me why I did not include it in highlights. I must confess I have used the phrase myself but never on national television.

Brazile's moment was par for the course because the political is personal for most of the liberal women I see on television.Consider the women on The View. The continuing drama of women who cannot agree to disagree bores the snot out of my nose. Meghan McCain fits right in as the token Never Trumper because she hates the president with the same passion Streisand does.

Joy Behar is the most miserable of them all. I remember her on HBO in the 1980s. She actually was funny and apparently happy. Oh, she was not good enough to get a sitcom (the comic's goal back then) but she made me laugh.

Today I see a crone.

Things do not have to be this way.

Robert Louis Stevenson lived but 44 years, however he left behind three classic novels: Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He also wrote one of the healthiest lines in English literature, "The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."

His world more than a century ago was a far cry from the happiness that abounds today.

But some people choose to live unhappily ever after. That was the name of a TV show. I suggest it as the name of Streisand's next memoir.

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