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A new Test Drive Unlimited game is in development - MW

It's been 14 years since Test Drive Unlimited originally built the mold for open world riders and nearly ten since the dingy of Burnout Paradise. It is therefore time to review the film and now we have confirmed that it will be: KT Racing - Kylotonn, the studio responsible for the World Rally Championship series, is currently developing the game.

The news comes from the director of BenoƮt Clerc, editor of Nacon. A bit of history: Nacon is the new name of the Bigben group, covering issues of publishing, development and accessories. Clerc made the announcement in an interview with VentureBeat.

Regarding the recently acquired Nacon studio, Clerc said the following about Kylotonn. "They are based in Paris and Lyon. They specialize in racing. They run on field with WRC and they run on two wheels with the Isle of Man TT. They are currently working on us the biggest project so far , this is the next Test Drive Unlimited game. "


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