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A corona virus recession won't stop Trump

Work hard, vote, and pray. The re-election of President Donald John Trump draws nearer each day.

Since 8 NOV 16, Democrats have tried every trick in the book to stop him. There was the Acme Unfaithful Electoral College Elector Kit. It cost Hillary 5 votes, The Donald 2.

There was the Acme Mueller Report. It just made President Trump's supporters angry and more determined to vote.

There was the Acme Creepy Porn Lawyer who was supposed to bring the Orange Man down. CPL is now in jail awaiting sentencing for trying to extort $20 million from Nike.

There was the Acme Impeachment. It crippled Joe Biden by showing everyone what a crook he is.

And this weekend there was the Acme President Trump Called Corona Virus A Hoax hoax. It showed the media for what it is. Garbage.

But Wile E. Democrats keep telling themselves they can bring President Donald John Trump down. They are hoping that the corona virus will kill millions of people and bring a recession.

CNBC reported, "Coronavirus pandemic would spark deep recession and pose a ‘significant threat’ to Trump’s re-election, top economist Mark Zandi says."

Zandi works for Goldman Sachs Moody's Analytics. A week before the 2016 election, Zandi told MSNBC that Hillary would win big, 322 to 206 in the Electoral College.

Now the Zandi Man says, "Right now, we don’t have a whole lot of confidence. I mean he can’t seem to get on the same page with the experts, the CDC. This is a significant threat to his re-election."

That is spin. CNBC should have demanded Zandi give an example of the president contradicting the CDC.

But it did not. Instead it gave him more airtime to trash President Trump. Zandi was obvious and opportunist in trying to blame the president for a flu coming in from Red China.

Who is Zandi trying to convince? His side already is going to vote against President Trump. This constant stream of false charges and Fake News only solidify Trump's support. The more they lie, the more determined his supporters are to vote.

And therein lies the key to Democrat failure in November. They have failed to convert President Trump supporters. In fact, Democrats have not even tried to convert anyone, so confident are they that all they have to do is excite their base and win.

In 2016, Donald Trump flipped 206 counties that Obama carried. He also flipped 6 states. Some of those states were bluer than a Redd Foxx comedy album.

Democrats are convinced that they won in 2016 because Hillary had a plurality of 48% of the popular vote. The only time Democrats reach out to a Donald Trump voter is to knock the MAGA hat off his head.

While Zandi and his kind hope for a recession, they fail to understand that a corona virus recession makes the case for President Donald John Trump's economic and domestic policies. He pushed to end reliance on Red China for key supplies. He also opposes open borders. A corona virus recession would nail the door shut on globalism.

The good news is that the corona virus is a new strain of flu, and flu season ends soon. The hope is there will be a vaccine in time for the next flu season.

Don't worry. Work hard, vote, and pray. The re-election of President Donald John Trump draws nearer each day.

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