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Widely Distributed Video Shows An American Military Convoy Running A Russian Military Vehicle Off The Road In Syria

Warzone/The Drive: Crazy Video Emerges Of American And Russian Armored Vehicle Road Rage Incident In Syria

Although altercations involving U.S. and Russian forces have seen a spike in recent weeks, duking it out on a highway is something new.

Details about the incident are still limited, but a video has emerged online showing a U.S. military M-ATV mine-resistant vehicle running a Russian Tigr armored utility vehicle off the road somewhere in northeastern Syria. The incident reportedly occurred relatively close to where American troops found themselves in a standoff a mob of civilians and militiamen aligned with Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad a week ago. Russian forces were also present during that altercation, which ultimately left at least one Syrian dead.

A camera inside what appears to be a civilian vehicle also traveling along the same stretch of road captured the incident, which reportedly took place near the town of Qamishli, which is also near the Turkish border. It is unclear when exactly the events in the video actually occurred.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. military has said that they are going to investigate this incident .... CENTCOM reviewing road clash incident between U.S. and Russian forces in Syria (Military Times). Others are saying that this sends a strong message .... Forcing Russian vehicle off Syrian road, US military sends a strong message (Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner). My take is different. This could have been a disaster. The U.S. military vehicles were moving very slowly on the highway. Probably deliberately because the Russian vehicles were behind them. One of the Russian drivers does what anyone would do on a highway when someone is slow in front of them, they try to pass them. This was not to be in this case, hence the incident. People could have easily been killed, as witnessed by a Syrian who quickly jumped away at the last second when both vehicles were barrelling towards him. The smaller Russian military vehicle could have also flipped over, and if that happened I could only imagine what would have happened after that. Russian Special Forces, like U.S. Special Forces, do not like to be pushed around, and they will retaliate thereby setting the stage for a serious escalation and God only knows what.

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