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Wellsville: Village Board seeks clarity in firefighter appointments

The Wellsville Village Board Monday Night unanimously approved to accept Bryce Black to the rolls of the Dyke Street Engine Company. Immediately after the vote, Mayor Randy Shayler asked if the Board ever receives information about qualifications...that the candidate was properly vetted. The Village Board is the ultimate authorization agency for new volunteers. Fire Chief Barney Dillie explained that each company interviews the candidate and the sheriff's office conducts a background check (arson arrests and sex offender registry). Dillie added that the companies also verify addresses that that the prospective recruit does not serve with any other fire department. In New York, you can only be a member in a single fire department, unlike EMS. To better address potential liability, the Board asked Dillie to come up with a one-page document that can be presented to the board before it votes on an applicant. The document would certify that all required documentation has been received and reviewed. In other action-
  1. The Board approved to permanently appoint Austin Crawford to the position of Motor Equipment Operator effective February 25,
  2.  Voted to approve a bid for the Niles Hill substation 38kV breaker replacements to Northline Utilities for $79,600,
  3. Heard from Planning Board member Vicki Joyce-Middaugh. She asked for help in finding additional members for the Board, which is getting ready to update the comprehensive plan.

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