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Wellsville - Robert Perkins named the Salvation Army’s top bell ringer for 2019

Robert Perkins was named the Salvation Army’s top bell ringer for 2019 announced by Salvation Army Lieutenant Derrick Purvis.
WELLSVILLE - Members of the Salvation Army met Saturday night to celebrate the success of the 2019 Red Kettle Campaign and to honor those who made it possible.
According the Lieutenant Derrick Purvis the Salvation Army bell ringers bested their $30,000 goal by bringing in $31,857.88.
Over a campaign season five days shorter than in 2018 volunteers stood at the Red Kettle tripods for 700 hours.
The funds collected will be used to provide programming locally.
Purvis said that in the 2019 season, 153 families were helped through the Angel tree sponsorships and 196 children received toys.
Awards were presented in several different categories: 
 Individual awards
* Jenifer Taylor stood for 2 hours and raised $102.27
* Marissa Adams stood for 4 hours and raised $306.01
* Brian Bedrock, Jeremy Elias, and Julia Davenport stood for 15 hours and raised $716.45
The Most Dedicated Award went to Lori Avery who stood 152 hours and raised $3,940.33
The Top Bell Ringer Award went to Robert Perkins who stood for 172 hours and raised $6,353.22.
Service category
* Digging Deeper in Faith Bible group stood 5 hours and raised $155.44
* Wellsville Boy Scouts stood 6 hours and raised $265.96
* Alfred State College Swim and Diving Team stood 8 hours and raised $397.13
* Wellsville Rotary Club stood 18 hours and raised $1,156.43
The award for Top Service Group went to the Wellsville Lions Club for the third year. Members stood 13 hours and raised: $1,303.98
 Church group category
* Alfred United Methodist Church members stood 3 hours and raised $145.21
* Riverside Assembly of God Church members stood 8 hours and raised $479.64
The award for Top Church Group went to the Wellsville Methodist Church whose members stood for 10 hours and raised $667.37

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