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Wellsville Fire Department Scotch Doubles Tournament

A total of 4 games will be bowled. 

Any combination of two bowlers is allowed. 

A three-game series is bowled for the tournament.  Bowler A throws the first ball, Bowler B will try to pick up the spare.  If a strike is bowled, Bowler B will throw the 1st ball in the 2ndframe, and Bowler A will try to pick up the spare. Every time a strike is bowled the Bowler throwing the first ball in the frame changes.  Bowler A starts the first and third games, Bowler B starts the second game. 9 pins on the first throw will equal a strike.  

For each game during the following frames -

Frame 3 - Bowl with the opposite hand.

Frame 5 – Bowl using your partner’s ball.

Frame 7 – Bowl backwards between your legs.   

Frame 9 – Bowl between your partners legs.

At the end of the 3rd game wait for all others to finish bowling before starting the 4th game.  Everyone will start game 4 (Midnight bowling) together.  Bowler B will start game 4.

The Wellsville Fire Department would like to thank everyone

for their continued support!

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