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Watch Baldur's Gate 3's new turn-based combat system in action - MW

Door 3 of Baldur rubbed shoulders with light and righteousness, I am happy to report it. As you may have noticed if you look at the leaked screenshots that appeared earlier today, it will take real time for the predecessor to suspend the battle instead of the attack system. plays much more reasonable. Alleluia!

This is one of the biggest questions Larian was asked again when BG3 was first announced, but it is only now that the images have shown that he decided to put us on the easy. Unless you're a real-time compliance, of course.

While this is a change from the Infinity Engine games, the shift is certainly more suited to D&D. Larian himself has not precisely recreated the tablet system, and he has not yet started to to fight. with Divinity: Original Sin 2. It will be quite familiar if you've played the studio's previous role-playing games, but significant changes have been made to improve combat speed and make it more flexible.

When you go out and explore the world, you will do it in real time, but when the battles begin, Baldur's Gate 3 goes into tower mode for all the characters involved in the fight. . Instead of relying on everything to proactively or let each character and enemy take turns, it's simultaneous. You can choose any character and have them do their job, and instead of just being able to move and then attack, everyone can perform bonus actions.

Assuming that you are a long-range character and a goblin too close to comfort, you can use your actions by pushing them, maybe off a bridge or into a fire, and now with This extra space, you can spend with the arrow. It really emphasizes the tactical component of battles, giving you space to perform more complex maneuvers and combos.

Watch a solid hour of gameplay in this embedded livestream from PAX East:

Surveys can also be done on a turn-by-turn basis. Even if you're not fighting, you can still turn on turn-based mode, although it's not the most effective way to roam. This mode is designed to pick up thieves, carefully tiptoe through traps and locate surprise attacks. If you are not good, like sneaking into a looting camp, stealing a place or trying to escape from an enemy, then this is a strong option and seems to fit better than the secret system of Divine: Original Sin.


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