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U.S. Special Operations Command Is Shifting Its Focus From Combatting Terrorism To Facing countries Like Russia And China

Military Times: After decades focused on terrorism, special operations is broadening its horizons

With clear marching orders from the Defense Department to turn focus to competitors like China and Russia, the U.S. special operations community is at an inflection point. Kicking down doors in Afghanistan and Iraq will give way to more missions like training partners in Europe and Asia, and U.S. Special Operations Command could see a shift in its funding and oversight.

But that re-focus should not mean that special operations forces will take a back seat to traditional air, land and sea power, according to a report released Wednesday, as competitors are already using proxy forces and misinformation campaigns, both of which are right in the SOF wheelhouse.

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WNU Editor: This is a huge shift. The Russian and Chinese military are not the Taliban, ISIS, etc..

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