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U.S. Offering Iraq A Partial Pullback Of Military Forces

US military forces in Iraq on 19 October 2016 [File photo]

Middle East Eye: EXCLUSIVE: US military offers Iraq a partial pullback

United States prepared 'in principle' to withdraw from some areas, though Anbar province's Ain al-Assad base is a 'red line'.

The US military has offered senior Iraqi security officials plans for a partial pullback of troops from Iraq in response to January’s parliamentary vote calling for foreign forces to leave the country, Middle East Eye can reveal.

A meeting between the two sides, held in great secrecy last week, heard that Washington was prepared “in principle” to discuss withdrawal.

A representative of the US military told the Iraqis present that the United States was prepared to leave positions in or near Shia-majority areas, such as Balad Air Base, which is located 80km north of Baghdad and houses US trainers and contractors.

Washington, the Iraqis were told, could even consider reducing its presence in Baghdad.

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WNU Editor: If this report is true, the U.S. will abandon in or near Shia-majority areas.

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