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UN-Backed Government In Libya Suspends Talks After Tripoli Port Attack

The Turkish ship was allegedly carrying armaments for fighters in Tripoli. Reuters

The National: Turkish ship carrying weapons destroyed at Tripoli port, Libyan National Army claims

UN holds peace talks with rival military officers in Geneva, who refuse to meet in the same room.

A Turkish cargo ship said to be carrying weapons was shelled while docked at Tripoli port in Libya on Tuesday as the UN held talks with military leaders of the country’s rival factions in Switzerland.

The forces of eastern commander Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar claimed responsibility for the attack and said the boat was destroyed.

Field Marshal Haftar's Libyan National Army launched an offensive last April on the capital, where the UN-backed Government of National Accord is based and defended by militias.

While the airport in Tripoli has often been a target, it is rare for the seaport to come under attack.

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