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They are not worthy of our trust

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times had a novel way of blaming President Donald John Trump for the Iowa Democrat Party refusing to make public the results of its presidential caucuses on Monday night.
She tweeted, "One thing to consider amid the caucuses snafu - the president has thrown accelerant on distrust of institutions, and this is another one. He has highlighted the Dem party ills around this caucus in tweets. It is in contrast to Obama silence on the Romney/Santo mess in 2012."

Obama as the paragon of presidential decorum? Don't make me laugh when I am drinking my Geritol. Obama bombed Libya for no reason, left an ambassador to die in Benghazi, gave $150 billion to Iran (most of the money was interest paid by the USA), and lied to spy on Donald John Trump.

Those were far greater accelerants than tweeting and laughing at the charade in Des Moines to deny that Americans do not want Joe Biden -- the doddering old groper and liar -- as their president.

Haberman's tweet is one example of why one institution, the media, is held with contempt. For more than a decade now, the media has covered up and protected Obama from any and all excuses.

Spygate is the best example. When Nixon's staff tried to wiretap his political opponent, the press helped Democrats turn it into a scandal that nullified his 49-state sweep un 1972.  Obama actually spied on President Trump using the FBI which lied to the federal courts to do so. After years of the press promoting fake scandals about Republicans -- always billed as worse than Watergate (some are also called Watergate on steroids) an actual Watergate on steroids came along and the media ignored it, and still ignores it.

The press also promoted the Russian Collusion Hoax and has been a partner in this foolish impeachment, which is bringing down the Democrat Party.

My how the press championed Pelosi. She was this supersmart House speaker who was going to bring the Orange Man down.

Who is clapping back now?

That wall she wouldn't fund is going up, slow and steady like a turtle.

Her impeachment is an albatross around her neck. Not only has President Trump triumphed and become more popular than ever, Nancy's impeachment knocked out Joe Biden, the last best hope of the Democrat Party in 2020.

Which is why we had shenanigans in Iowa.

Which is why we have no one trusting the Democrat Party.

The institutions that Haberman worships have failed Americans. President Trump has not.

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