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The War In Syria Is A Reality Check For Turkish-Russian Relations

Galip Dalay, Middle East Eye: The Idlib debacle is a reality check for Turkish-Russian relations

Turkey is trying to send the message that it will not hand over an easy victory to Russia and the regime.

Within a week, Russia-backed Syrian regime forces killed a total of 13 Turkish soldiers in two deadly attacks in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province.

Needless to say these attacks wouldn’t have taken place without the approval of the regime’s main international backer, Moscow. And this is where Turkey’s predicament starts, if not deepens.

These two attacks brought to the fore the contradictions, limits and nature of Turkey and Russia’s fast-improving relations in recent years. Despite the casual usage of the word "strategic" by some Turkish officials and pundits in depicting the nature of Moscow-Ankara relations, these bilateral ties are far from being qualified as such.

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Update: Russia and Turkey have fallen out in Syria (Financial Times)

WNU Editor: Turkish President Erdogan made a strategic error when he believed that after numerous talks with Russia in the past year, Moscow would accept a Turkish role and influence in Syria. But the Kremlin has made it clear in the past week that this is not going to happen, and are now actively supporting Syrian military efforts to seize this territory. The sad part of this slow-moving disaster was that President Erdogan was warned by many in the West that this is what was going to happen, but he choose to believe otherwise.

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