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The Pentagon Wants To Develop An Unmanned 'Flying Gun'

Warzone/The Drive: DARPA Wants Millions To Design An Unmanned 'Flying Gun' Under Its New Gunslinger Program

Budget documents describe a gun-armed "missile" that would be able to engage multiple targets, either on the ground or in the air.

Tucked away inside the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's most recent budget proposal is a request for millions of dollars to explore what one could best describe as an unmanned flying gun capable of engaging airborne and ground-based targets. This comes around a year and a half after DARPA first announced it was working on what it called a "Flying Missile Rail." The system would carry its own air-to-air missiles and would be launched like a drone from under the jet's wing, after which they would fly off and engage aerial targets with their missiles.

DARPA is asking for $13.27 million in its budget request for the 2021 Fiscal Year for the flying gun effort, which it has dubbed Gunslinger. The budget documents say that this is a new program and it is in no way related to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps program of the same name, which developed a system to detect incoming hostile gunfire.

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WNU Editor: Instead of drones using missiles to hit targets, they will use bullets. Makes sense to me.

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