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The ignorance of Never Trump

Ben Shapiro is supposed to be a brainy conservative. Every time he tweets he shows that assumption is wrong.

He tweeted, "The White House should simply acknowledge that Romney had his point of view, that they think he's wrong, that the majority of the Senate thinks he's wrong, and move on. Prolonging a firefight the media are DROOLING for would be political malpractice."

That is wrong on two fronts. First, prolonging the battle would work in President Donald John Trump's favor because the impeachment is unpopular. The impeachment is unpopular because it failed and Americans hate failure.

Second, by voting to convict, Romney declared himself a mortal enemy of President Donald John Trump. This is not mere policy disagreement. Romney voted to kill Donald Trump's presidency. You don't shake hands and move on after that.

The firefight as Shapiro ignorantly called it will re-elect Trump because Americans understand unfairness.

This is not a game played in the salon to amuse the elitists. This is a matter of Nancy Pelosi's abuse of power to impeach a political opponent without meeting the constitutional requirement that a crime be committed.

The penalty for failure at presidenticide should be removal from office, as happened to Newt Gingrich.

Over at Big League Politics, Richard Moorhead reported, "As Mitt Romney grandstands in the U.S Senate’s doomed Trump impeachment trial in an effort to demonstrate his own moral superiority, the Utah legislature is mulling a measure that would allow the state’s citizens to recall their senators.

"The measure could hypothetically be used to recall Romney from office. Such a possibility is an acute irony, considering Romney appears to be the only Republican senator enthusiastic about impeaching President Donald Trump.

"Rep. Tim Quinn of Heber City introduced the bill in the statehouse. Utah doesn’t currently have a process to recall sitting U.S. senators, a problem his legislation would solve."

We shall see if the Mormon hierarchy allows this to become law.

But this bungled impeachment shows the depth of ignorance not only of Shapiro but of many Never Trumps.

The day before the acquittal, Jonah Goldberg wrote, "As the impeachment trial fizzles out this week, I'm left wondering if the GOP has lost its mind, because the only other choice is that I have."

Given that there was no actual crime alleged nor is there any proof that President Trump did anything more than talk candidly to the president of Ukraine, the latter is true. I suggest Goldberg take it up with the chaplain.

Goldberg is peculiarly ardent in his refusal to learn from any of his numerous previous errors about Donald Trump, whom he called a bane in humanity, and then wondered aloud why The Donald mocked him. The lesson of the Mueller report was lost on him, for he wrote, "One chapter in the Trump impeachment saga is ending, but the story is far from over. More evidence of the president's guilt will come out, from former national security adviser John Bolton's book and elsewhere. Indeed, one can be forgiven for thinking that the reason Rubio, Alexander and others felt the need to proclaim the president's guilt has less to do with a desire to tell the truth and more with getting ahead of a future torrent of irrefutable facts."

Before the Mueller report came out, Goldberg assured his readers Stormy Daniels would bring President Trump down. Goldberg wrote, "I don’t know of anybody who doesn’t believe the story is true." He needs to get out more.

I won't go into the other Fake Scandals and the other fellow travelers of Shapiro. They are too stupid to admit Donald Trump is their better. He is worth more, is more popular, and has a better job. He got that by learning from his mistakes.

A quarter-century ago, poet Alanis Morissette observed, "You live you learn, you love you learn. You cry you learn, you lose you learn. You bleed you learn, you scream you learn."

I would add: Offer does not apply to Never Trump sufferers.

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