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The Games Of PAX East 2020 - Animal Crossing, Streets Of Rage 4, và Doom Eternal - MW

PAX East has continued to grow over the years. Already well ahead of the original PAX conference, PAX East is currently the largest video game conference in North America, making it a key point for developers, AAA and freelancers, to present the latest games. of them. But that's not all. PAX East 2020 will also feature a series of events that will feature new content for a number of recurring favorites, including news on the future of Borderlands 3, as well as revelations on the first game for Larian Studios Gate 3 with PAX East 2020 is coming soon, we have decided to combine this collection to prepare you for the most exciting, imaginative and daring games of the show that will be available for conference play. These include Animal Crossing which simulates the next life of Nintendo: New Horizons, Doom Eternal by Bethesda and Streets of Rage 4 by Sega / DotEmu, and more. It sounds like an exciting show this year and GameSpot will be on the showfloor, including what's new and exciting. Be sure to follow us for more updates and disclosures during the conference. We will be showing new gameplay and providing information for some of the most notable versions of AAA and indies this year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Nintendo | Switch | March 20, 2020

The next entry in Nintendo's life simulation series is almost here with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So far we have seen quite a few games with previous training previews and a dedicated live stream for Nintendo Direct, but at PAX East 2020 we will see parts of the game differently. We have never seen before.

New Horizons takes you on vacation to Tom Nook's vacation island and offers many familiar activities: having villagers as friends, building houses and designs, and a city to explore and live. However, New Horizons is not only the same: you will have many customization options for your villagers, such as hairstyle, hair color, nose, eyes, etc. You will also have the option of creating scenes to modify the terrain on your island, which is a completely new mechanism for Animal Crossing. There will also be a manufacturing system, which seems to coincide with the tradition of collecting and managing items. You can catch up on the game by analyzing something we learned from Animal Crossing: New Horizons live and following what we see in PAX East.

The Artful Escape | PC, Xbox One, iOS | Beethoven & Dinosaur | TBD 2020

Ideas from Johnny Galvatron, lead guitarist and founder of the independent rock band The Galvatrons, in The Artful Escape, an adventure game focused on the exploration of François Vendetti. After the death of his rock star uncle, François embarked on a spiritual journey to discover who he was, which was the envy of the imagination when he conquered other worlds. each other and visit the new world. Coming from the independent game publisher Annapurna Interactive, The Artful Escape will introduce a journey that is both introverted and extravagant - that will make for an enjoyable journey.

The Falconeer | PC, Xbox One | Tomas Sila | TBD 2020

We can see a new twist in the aerial combat game with The Falconeer, where you control large creatures like birds to face opposing factions. Set in a dark and wartime world, you will need to learn the ropes that control your winged beast to continue fighting against enemies. According to the game's creator, Tomas Sala, The Falconeer is an open-world game that lets you explore the sky and the sea of Ursee, a world that appears in color, albeit very dark.

Disintegration | PC, PS4, Xbox One | V1 Interactive | 2020

The break was presented as the next game from the co-founders of the Halo series, Marcus Lehto and the new studio V1 Interactive. It's a first-person shooter that incorporates lightweight MOBA elements, where you create and command units simultaneously. Capturing these mechanisms is essential to gaining competitive regimes, which we experienced during the recent closed beta. A solo campaign for a full narrative is also underway.

Doom Eternal | PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch (later) | id Software | March 20, 2020

We recently played Doom Eternal at a spacious preview event, where we tore up and went through the first three levels of the game, and we will have another chance to get into the action in PAX. East 2020.

We covered the game from several angles with a detailed overview of Doom Eternal, an analysis of the evolution of combat since Doom 2016 and new platform elements that change in level and pace design. The game motivates you to keep moving and biking through a series of firearms in fierce combat situations by providing you with tools to keep your health, your armor and your bullets added, and take you to fight enemies with their own strengths and weaknesses. Doom Eternal promises to be a crazy race built on the Doom 2016 formula significantly and we will see more at PAX East.

Fall Guys | Mediatonic | PC, PS4 | Summer 2020

This cute and colorful Fall Guys takes a page from the battle royale games by forcing you and your teammates to overcome a deadly obstacle in a survival race. People are free to push and move away - and from various dangers - to thin the herd. Each round ends with fewer people until there is only one standing. Maybe you want to gather friends and see who can push, push and bounce on the road to glory.

Ghostrunner | PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | One More Level | 2020

Ghostrunner caught our eye when it was first announced and we had a chance to try it out at PAX West 2019. It's a crazy first-person action game, focusing on back. and agility in a cyberpunk style world where your sword is your only weapon. You will chain the walls, swing ropes on the platforms, deflect enemy fire, slide through the corridors and assassinate targets gently in a skyscraper. Wise gameplay, reminiscent of Mirror's Edge and Dishonored but with much faster speed. We are happy to see what awaits us at PAX East 2020.

Going Under | PC, PS4, Xbox One | Aggro Crab | TBD 2020

There were a lot of roguelike action RPGs at the end, but I can assure you that you have never played a game like Go Under. Set in a seemingly endless series of tech startups, you play as a young monster hunter, tasked with cleaning up the monsters that have resided in the remnants of businesses. has failed. By using a variety of temporary weapons like brooms and other original office supplies, you will end up learning new skills and items from high-tech delivery drones to take on many challenges. more. Combining comedy with a familiar roguelike formula, Going Under offers a really interesting spin on the established under-generation.

Moncage | PC | OPTILLUSION | TBD 2020

On the surface, Moncage by OPTILLUSION seems to be a fairly modest puzzle game centered on a multifaceted cube. But on closer inspection, you will quickly see that each side of the cube shows a completely different image. Including the challenges in Moncage. Each side, although different, has something in common and by changing your point of view on the cube, you will be able to discover a bigger picture of what each cube represents. At Moncage, discovering the truth behind the cube is really a matter of perspective.

Othercide | PC | Lightbulb Crew | TBD 2020

If you mix XCOM: Enemy Unknown with Silent Hill, you will get something similar to Othercide. As a turn-based horror strategy game, you will lead a battle team called Girls as they travel through a deserted world full of demons and other monsters. When you defeat the enemy, you will be able to level up and collect memories of fallen enemies - allowing you to get a glimpse of the larger story. By deepening the dungeons of the game, you will know that difficult choices have to be made, which can make you sacrifice some of your teammates to live another day. It was a grim decision for the classic strategy game, which certainly set it apart from the rest.

The Pathless | PC, PS4, iOS | Giant Squid | 2020

From the creators of exploration on the high seas, Abzu at The Pathless takes you to the surface and into vast plains and forests to cross and open the sky to fly. Everything seems a little different when The Pathless combines action elements with bows and arrows to destroy the target and the threat of a fiery entity floating in your peaceful setting. It was first revealed in 2018 and later touted as a branded game for Apple Arcade, but little is known yet. However, we will do it for the first time with The Pathless at PAX East 2020.

Recompile | Phigames | PC | 2020

Metroid meets Reboot in the Recompile action adventure game. As an emotional AI, you're trying to escape your own erasure in the world of a mainframe. You can hack enemies and environment as you acquire new skills and abilities, defeating broken subroutines. The bottom line of the game is that there are many important links, inviting replay even if you have successfully released your AI personality.

The Red Lantern | Timberline Studios, Inc. PC, Xbox One, Switch | TBD 2020

In The Red Lantern, after an accident that will corner you, you will have to survive in the Alaskan wilderness with a minimum of supplies and a group of sled dogs. As a story-driven game with roguelike elements, you will have to guide the main character - voiced by Ashly Burch - into civilization while battling hostile elements and wildlife. . Throughout the game, you will gradually learn more about her return story, which adds weight to her emotional and dangerous journey.

Saturnalia | FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, and Wheels of Aurelia | PC | TBD 2020

A roguelike survival horror game, Saturnalia clearly shows that the small group of protagonists is vulnerable and out of their depths. Armed with a single set of matches, the crew will face the dangers inside a small town as they try to escape. When a character dies, you move on to the next one, in the hope that it can advance further than the characters that arrived first. With a surprisingly artistic style like a classic cartoon, Saturnalia looks like a haunting horror game that will take you to the top.

She Dreams Elsewhere | Studio Zevere | PC | 2020

JRPG surreal She Dreams Elsewhere explores the subconscious. As a coma victim, Thalia Sullivan, you explore another dream world by reflecting on its real events. She has to fight nightmares that prevent her from waking up and unraveling the mystery of what happened, all in the tropics and traps of a retro-style JRPG.

Streets of Rage 4 | Dotemu | PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | 2020

Streets of Rage has been an inactive brand since 1994, but it's never too late to return. Streets of Rage 4 brings iconic significance with a breathtaking new artistic style that leaps and bounds to the success of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. The new game features characters from Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Adam Hunter, as well as new characters Cherry Hunter and Floyd Iraia. It will offer local cooperation for up to four players for the classic arcade brawler experience.

Welcome to Elk | Triple Topping | PC | 2020

An adventure game with heart and heft, Welcome to Elk describes itself as a "biographical adventure." You play as Frigg, a big-city carpenter who recently moved to the small town of Elk for a simpler life. But as Frigg explores the whimsical burg, she discovers everyone has a story to tell, ranging from the weird to the heartbreaking. Notably, Welcome to Elk is based on true stories submitted to the studio, giving them an extra layer of significance.


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