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Spygate could save the media

America's news media squandered its one asset -- credibility -- in trying to bring President Donald John Trump down over garbage such as the Russian Collusion hoax and the Ukraine Phone Call hoax. The result is trust in the media is at an all-time low, while the president's approval is 62%.

How do I know it is at 62%? President Trump told me so. This morning, he tweeted, "95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a Record! 53% overall (plus add 9 points?). Corrupt Democrat politicians have brought me to highest polling numbers ever with the Impeachment Hoax. Thank you Nancy!"


President Trump never lies. He knows things everyone else doesn't because as president he has access to information the press does not have. In this case, I suspect he has access to internal polling by his campaign staff.

The press lies about him all the time. The Washington Post said he told 16,241 lies. I proved they lied.

Remember when he said Obama spied on him? The press scoffed -- even though the New York Times reported on January 20, 2017, that it had seen transcripts of the wiretapping.

But as we know now thanks to an inspector general's report, the Obama administration lied to a federal judge 17 times to get permission to spy on Candidate Donald Trump. The FBI tried to entrap the Trump Family, and it also embedded spies in the campaign.

This is Spygate. The information is out there. Not only do reporters know this, but the presidents of the various networks do. They have paid scant attention to this story, instead focusing on the nonsense Democrats rolled out in a vain attempt to bring him down.

Democrats failed them. Their ratings in the impeachment melodrama were below the soap operas they usually run -- and the soaps are running on vapors. The public is disinterested in the Democrat presidential race because it looks hopeless because the economy is good and Donald Trump is killing terrorist leaders.

President Trump can save the media. All the media needs to do is promote Spygate as Watergate on Steroids because that is what it is. Unlike Nixon, Obama actually succeeded in wiretapping his political opposition.

Victor Davis Hanson gave the media the narrative it needs.

He wrote, "We are now back to the existential issue of the entire Trump phenomenon: to what degree did the Hillary Clinton campaign collude with high-ranking Obama officials, and the top echelons of the FBI, CIA, and the national intelligence apparatus, to surveil, defame, and hope to derail Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign by unlawful means?

"Who in the federal government then continued Clinton’s efforts after the 2016 election to disrupt and indeed attempt to destroy the Trump transition and presidency?

"Eventually, someone will sort out whether that post-election effort on the part of federal officials to abort the Trump presidency, abetted by the media and #TheResistance, was a simple follow-up to the Clinton-DNC-Perkins Coe-Fusion GPS collusion against candidate Trump — or a sick preemptive attempt of the administrative state to smear Trump as a 'Russian asset' because of their worries about the exposure of their own prior criminality and Trump’s iconoclastic agenda."

Hanson cannot bring himself to say Obama was behind all this. I will explain why we know this is true.

As the Iraq War began, Donald Rumsfeld said there are the known knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns.

He left off the unknown knowns, which are things you do not realize you know. Every detective book is based on the detective solving the crime based on what he knows is true. Those clues show the detective something he did not realize he knew.

Our known knowns are the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump. This surveillance was supposed to be on foreign agents. But wiretapping foreign agents also leads to the recording of conversations not related to the investigation. The names of the others in the casual conversations are kept secret -- unless the White House demands to know. They call that unmasking.

Hanson wrote, "Top Obama officials, such as Samantha Power and Susan Rice, in a panic over the Trump candidacy and then victory, requested the unmasking of scores of redacted names of those surveilled by intelligence agencies. Some of those names mysteriously, but certainly illegally, were leaked to the media with the intent of defaming them."

We also know they were very casual about this. In April 2017, Rice went on CNN and bragged about unmasking people.

We also know from her casualness about unmasking that Rice considered this routine, or at least not unusual.

And finally we know from this casualness that they had done this before. Spying on Donald John Trump was not their first rodeo.

And if they did it before, then Obama must have known about this.

Another known known that points to this unknown known is that the two papers given President-elect Trump, which led eventually to the Mueller investigation, were planted at an intelligence briefing with Obama, Donald Trump, and the heads of the intelligence community.

If I know this, the Washington press corps knows this. Pursuing this story would restore to some degree the faith of Trump supporters in the media.

And we know we are in the majority now because President Trump told us, and he does not lie.

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