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Sick Instagram Pranksters Dressed In Hazmat Suits Cause Havoc On New York Subway Train

Daily Mail: Sick Instagram pranksters dressed in hazmat suits cause havoc on New York subway train by pretending to spill coronavirus (which was actually Kool-Aid)

* David Flores and Morris Cordewell donned hazmat suits for their subway prank
* Cordewell, holding a bucket with biohazard markings, spills liquid on the floor
* Concerned passengers jumped out the way but others realized it was not a virus
* Prank comes as the death toll soared over 1,100, with 45,000 infected globally

Two Instagram pranksters have outraged New Yorkers by pretending to contaminate a subway carriage with coronavirus.

David Flores and Morris Cordewell donned hazmats suits for the stunt while holding a container filled with liquid that had biological hazard markings on it.

In the video Cordewell gets up and spills the liquid over the floor as train passengers quickly jump out of harm's way. However, it turns out their bucket contained Kool-Aid juice.

The latest prank comes as the coronavirus death toll soared to over 1,100, with more than 45,000 infected around the world. That includes 12 with the virus in the US.

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Update: Teen pranksters pretend to spill coronavirus on NYC subway (NYPost)

WNU Editor: Ten years ago I caught a flu-like bug after visiting Mexico/California that kept me bedridden for almost 3 months. In the first week of the infection I was so sick and weak that on one of those days I lost my will to live. It is the only time that I have ever felt that way, and one that I do not want to repeat. What I learned from that experience is that this is how diseases like pneumonia, Covid-19, etc. kill people. They sap your will to live, and once your body understands that you do not want to live, it quickly accommodates you.

That is why Covid-19 is not a joking manner, and why it is very deadly. It destroys your respiratory system, and it drains your will to live. I am now hearing and reading reports from China that if you have to be admitted into a hospital with Covid-19, the mortality rate is an astounding 20%. I am also reading that it takes a long time to recover from this disease. So what does this all mean? We are not at the end of this disease spreading and/or levelling off, we are at the beginning of what will probably become a worldwide pandemic that many experts have been fearing for a long time.

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