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Shouting away winter Saturday on Hoodie Hoo Day at Mama's Smokin'BBQ

Waking up to minus double digit temperatures inspired over 60 people to shout Hoodie Hoo to drive away winter Saturday at Mama's Smokin' BBQ.
The event organized by county legislator Bill Dibble took place at the cafĂ© where it was first held four years ago. This is the fifth year of the event which was first held in Wellsville and in Whitesville last year before finding its permanent home at Mike Edward's and Mary Bailey's Mama's Smokin'  BBQ.
Dibble is already planning next year's event to take place on Feb. 13th in Shongo saying, "We need more small events like this around the county that help bring people together."
The nationwide Hoodie Hoo Day started in Lebanon, Pa. and was embraced by customers of the General Store in Gold, Pa before it closed. Dibble is responsible for bringing it across the border and finding a permanent home for the event.
Edwards is in favor of the event saying, "It brings in people we haven't seen in awhile and its a lot of fun."
Along with free chili and cornbread, made by Bailey, the event featured music by the Genesee River Ramblers and lots of "Hello, how are yous."

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