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Rockets Strike Near US Embassy In Iraq

The US embassy is located in the Green Zone, the Iraqi capital's high-security enclave (AFP Photo/Sgt. Kyle C. Talbot)

The Guardian/AFP: Baghdad explosions: rockets strike near US embassy in Iraq

Multiple blasts and circling aircraft heard near enclave where US mission is located

Multiple rockets hit near the US embassy in Iraq’s capital early on Sunday, an American military source said, the latest in a flurry of attacks against US assets in the country.

The assault sent warning sirens blaring across the diplomatic compound but it was unclear exactly what was hit and how many rockets made impact, the US source and a western diplomat based nearby said. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Agence France-Presse’s correspondents heard multiple strong explosions followed by aircraft circling near the green zone, the high-security enclave where the US mission is located.

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Update #1: Blasts hit U.S. coalition base in Baghdad, damage unknown -- Reuters
Update #2: Explosions hit US coalition base in Baghdad -- The National

WNU Editor: Here we go again.

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