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PUBG has been dealing with an increase in DDoS attacks and performance issues - Mw

The past few months have been a bit messy in the battlefields of PlayerUn Unknown, as evidenced by Steam tunes and subreddit forums, filled with frustrating messages about incidents, stuttering and cheating. Some started with Part 6, but others returned last year.

PUBG Corp has addressed these issues in an update detailing the reason for the issues and the corrective plans. The developers have "solved the most" of a team death match problem in Arcade, but it looks like a lot of work remains to be done. Performance issues have been increasing since January and continue, and seem difficult to identify.

"The difficulty is that some of these problems affect specific hardware or occur in unique situations that are difficult to reproduce," said the update. "To improve performance issues, specific causes need to be monitored, which often means copying specific steps that lead to the problem."

PUBG is also the victim of an increase in DDoS attacks. In November, the frequency hit its highest level ever, and increased again this month. In order to resolve the issue, PUBG Corp had to run a number of tests which led to even more performance issues.

"When testing different DDoS defense solutions with external infrastructure providers, the server locations are often far from standard locations, which results in increased ping and other network problems. For some players," said he explained. "Additionally, many players have experienced ongoing packet loss issues due to the experimental DDoS defense solutions implemented by these providers."

He doesn't want to let the attackers know what he's doing, which is why he keeps the player in the dark. At least there is money because the impact of DDoS attacks has dropped by almost 85%.

Players have also reported that custom match presets have not worked properly since the last patch, which is a result of team improvements to the custom match code. The problem has not been completely resolved, but the existing saved presets will now work. It also fixes some other custom match errors.

To cheat, PUBG Corp will provide more details about its plans in a letter and roadmap released next month. Right now, he has many internal groups and "external resources" that he uses to fight fraud and this is one of the studio's top priorities.

If you have any problems, you can meet the PUBG support team.

Despite its tumultuous months, PUBG is still one of the most popular games on Steam. According to SteamDB, the average number of concurrent players actually increased in November and December, although it has decreased this year. In 2018, it regularly saw the peak of over a million players, but it was steadily declining. However, 300,000 players on average are still in good health.


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