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Pentagon Lost Track Of $715 Million In Weapons And Gear In Syria (2017 To 2018)

Turkish and US troops meet on the Turkish-Syrian border for a joint patrol in northern Syria, as it is pictured from near the Turkish town of Akcakale, Turkey, Sept. 8, 2019. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Task & Purpose: The Pentagon lost track of $715 million in weapons and gear funneled to anti-ISIS allies in Syria

The U.S. government failed to effectively account for nearly $715.8 million in weapons and equipment allocated to Syrian partners as part of the multinational counter-ISIS fight, according to a new report from the Defense Department inspector general.

The audit, publicly released on Tuesday, revealed that officials with Special Operations Joint Task Force–Operation Inherent Resolve "did not maintain comprehensive lists of all equipment purchased and received" to equip Syrian allies in the anti-ISIS fight (known as CTEF-S equipment) in fiscal years 2017 and 2018 due to a lack of a central repository for accountability documentation.

In addition, officials with the 1st Theater Sustainment Command "did not properly store or secure" the relevant equipment in accordance with Pentagon guidelines so far that, in at least one case, 1st TSC personnel "stored weapons outside in metal shipping containers, exposing the equipment to harsh environmental elements, such as heat and humidity."

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WNU Editor: I am willing to bet that the 2019 numbers are even worse. I am also willing to bet that most (if not all) of these weapons and gear were left with the Kurds, and done so on purpose.

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