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Pelosi hurt American women

Liberals are praising Nancy Pelosi for tearing up the president's speech as Congress rose to applaud him after he delivered his rousing and patriotic State of the Union. The mean girls moment was petty and childish, a reminder that when she is under pressure she reverts to being the mayor's spoiled daughter.

The rest of America is watching as the first woman to be heartbeats from the presidency comes undone. She trashed the peace and prosperity the rest of us have enjoyed the last 3 years.

Nancy has devoted to brief reprise as House speaker not to making life better for the people of America but to ridiculing the man we the people elected president. She made the same boner Newt Gingrich did in impeaching an effective president.

But unlike Gingrich, she compounded her error by showing publicly all the grace of a drunk goat. She greeted his first SOTU with her as speaker with a clapback.

This was not a good look for her or for American women.

Her moment of spite may have been emotionally satisfying for her but it raised the question of why Democrats would place such a person in a seat of authority. Acts of defiance are for people out of power. But she has power. Normal Americans see this and ask what is wrong with her? She couldn't wear the mask of comity for an hour on television.

Add to this Hillary's refusal to lose gracefully and you give Americans pause about entrusting a woman with the highest office in the land.

At least liberal women.

This is the lens through which people judge Elizabeth Warren. She too comes up short.

It is popular to dismiss such concerns as misogynist, but if you cannot handle defeat, how will you handle victory?

Yes, you can find moments when men act the fool. Republican Congressman Joe Wilson shouting "you lie" during an address to Congress by Obama was worse than what Nancy has done.

But men have proven their mettle as president leading us through wars and depressions. American men have freed the slaves, given women the right to vote, and triumphed over fascism, Nazism, and communism.

The first woman to rise to an elected office included in the Constitution cannot behave herself in prime time for an hour.

I get that she used her moment to share the spotlight. I doubt that is helpful to her or to her cause. While the president is reminding people that happy days are here again, Nancy is reminding people Democrats opposed his economic policy. He does not have to take credit for this. She gave it to him.

She also underscored her role in the failed impeachment.

They vote on that today, don't they? I have not paid a whole lot of attention to it.

Lefties may ask what about President Donald John Trump's behavior?

Well, what about it? He has helped make America great again, appointed good judges, cut bad regulations, re-negotiated trade agreements with our four largest trading partners, and has begun building a wall despite Nancy stomping her feet and keeping the government closed down.

In short, he fulfilled his campaign promises.

He said something privately to Billy Bush about grabbing women? That was 15 years ago. Donald Trump has proved himself to be a good president who is now on the brink of greatness.

Nancy has been speaker of the House for 9 of those 15 years. She is likely the worst we have had, and that list of speakers includes a convicted pedophile.

Warren said that Bernie Sanders said to her privately that a woman cannot be president. Since then, he has risen to the top among the Democrat presidential hopefuls. That is among Democrat voters.

Last night, Nancy did not help Warren's cause.

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