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Parasite - MW

The Parasite (Hangul: 기생충; Romaja: Gisaengchung, English: Parasite) is a Korean black comedy movie, made public in 2019, directed by Bong Joon-ho. The drama is starring actors: Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-sik and Park So-dam. The work won the Palme d'Or when attending the 2019 Cannes Film Festival in France and thus officially became the first Korean film in history to receive this award.

In February 2020, the film continued to make history by winning the Golden Statue for Best Picture - Best Picture and 3 other awards at the 92nd Academy Awards in the US, the list of awards. including: Best Director - Best Director for Bong Joon-ho, Best Original Screenplay - Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film - Best International Feature Film and Best Movie - Best Picture. Winning 4 out of 6 Oscar nominations with the most prestigious award Best Picture, Parasite has become the first Asian foreign language film and film to win this title.

 Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho), a former unemployed driver, lives with his wife Chung-sook (Jang Hye-jin) and his two children in a shabby apartment that is actually an old cellar. reused for housing, with views from the inside out to the ground. The whole family made a living by folding paper cartons of Pizza. One day, a friend of Ki-woo (Choi Woo-sik) - Ki-taek's son Min-hyuk (Park Seo-joon) - a student of a prestigious University, drops in and gives it to him. the whole family a souvenir stone as a lucky bridge, with the introduction to be an English tutor, temporarily I am preparing to study abroad in the form of a short-term exchange for my high school daughter wealthy upper class family. Upon arriving, Ki-woo is welcomed by Park's wife, Choi Yeon-kyo (Choi Yeo-jeong) and observes his teaching method for her daughter Park Da-hye (Jung Ji-so). ) at his own villa. Here, Ki-woo also met Mrs. Gook Moon-gwang (Lee Jung-Eun) - the long-term housekeeper of the Park family and the young boy Park Da-song (Jung Hyeon-jun), younger brother of Da- hye. Pretending to discover Da-song's artistic qualities through the strange paintings drawn by the boy himself, combined with the fact that Mrs. Park always considered her beloved son a natural artistic talent, Ki -woo introduced his younger sister, Ki-jeong (Park So-Dam), to pretend to be a new art teacher from the US to tutor Da-song. After being accepted as Da-song's tutor, Ki-jeong plotted to dismiss Yoon - Mr. Park's current driver and introduce his father, Ki-taek to take the place and succeed. Using a similar tactic, Chung-sook was accepted as a butler after the Kim family made Park's family think that Mrs. Moon-gwang was suffering from tuberculosis.

One day, the Park family went on a camping trip, giving the Kim family a chance to party in their own mansion. But suddenly, Moon-gwang came and begged to come in to get something she couldn't take away when she got fired. The whole Kim family was later surprised to discover that there was a secret basement leading deep underground behind the liquor cabinet, which is also the place where Moon-gwang's husband, Oh Geun-sae ( Park Myung-hoon) - owner of a Taiwanese bakery; secretly escaped and lived for years after his business failed, went bankrupt and forced to flee from creditors. While Mrs. Moon-gwang was pleading, begging Chung-sook not to disclose her husband's story outside, suddenly, Mr. Kim slipped and pushed the entire Kim family (now hiding and (eavesdropping on the stairs of the basement) falling down made the fate they tried to hide for a long time been discovered by Mrs. Moon-gwang. The two sides argued and fought intensely after learning the truth about each other, but the Kim family eventually won and locked the old butler couple in the basement. At that moment, Mrs. Park phoned and told Ms. Chung-sook to prepare food because the heavy rain made the camping plan unsuccessful, and Park's family would be back in a few moments. Ki-taek, Ki-jeong and Ki-woo quickly clean up the tracks, hide and escape after the Park family has fallen asleep. The three returned to their homes - now inundated with water and garbage from the great flood. Ki-woo looks for the stone that his friend gave him, then the three of his father and other homeless people sleep in a sports hall. The next day, Mrs. Park decided to hold a birthday party for her son Da-song and invited the whole Kim family to join them. While the party is about to take place, Ki-woo brings the stone down to the basement and discovers that Moon-gwang has unfortunately died. Suddenly, Moon-gwang's husband, Geun-sae appeared from behind, attacked Ki-woo with a rope and hit him in the head with a stone, knocking him unconscious while trying to escape up the stairs. the basement. He escaped from the basement, took a knife from the kitchen, rushed out into the middle of the party to hunt down the Kim family members, Geun-sae stabbed Ki-jeong to death, and then continued to attack Chung-sook. . Witnessing this scene, Da-song lost consciousness, Mr. Park asked Mr. Kim to give him the car key to quickly take Da-song to the hospital. Mrs. Chung-sook killed Geun-sae while struggling. When he turned over his body to get the car key, Mr. Park covered his nose when he smelled the corpse with the key, recalling the moment the Park couple once described how uncomfortable their body smell was. and witnessing Mr. Park's reaction, Mr. Kim took Geun-sae's knife, rushed to stab Mr. Park, and then fled and went down to the Park's basement without anyone knowing. Ki-woo is fortunate to be rescued but he suffers from severe brain damage and must go to trial with his mother.

Years later, Ki-woo reads his father's letter, which is denoted by Morse code through the mansion's lighting system (now sold to a German family who recently moved to Korea. Quoc). Ki-woo promises that, one day, he himself will go to work, earn enough money to buy the same mansion, freeing his father and his family will reunite as before - but that's just a long time. the future scene that he imagined himself while the harsh truth is still being exposed now: Ki-woo still lives with his mother in a shabby apartment, Ki-jeong has died and Mr. Kim is still hiding under. dark basement.


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