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Overwatch's New Event Takes Ashe To Mardi Gras - MW

Overwatch started a new limited-time event that brought Ashe and brought her a Mardi Gras costume. The Ashe Mardi Gras challenge will take place from February 25 to March 9 and will reward you with new cosmetic products, including new epic skin for playing and watching Overwatch games.

To win a new look, you just have to win nine games during the event period, via Quick Play, Competition or Arcade modes. You will earn a few more cosmetic rewards as you reach other milestones along the way. The skin of Mardi Gras Ashe also brought a new look to his companion Bob. In the meantime, you can earn a total of five new sprays by watching participating Twitch streamers.

The update of the event also marks the start of the new test mode. The new mode, announced when Blizzard describes in detail its function of group of heroes, will allow players to choose to change the main gameplay. It works the same way as PTR, but it is available both on the PC and on the control panel and because it is available through the main menu, you can easily jump in and out of tests as desired . In addition, in test mode, your progress is recorded as usual.

Blizzard is currently working on Overwatch 2, continuing the story of the game in a new campaign, but it will pollinate players with the original owner of Overwatch for multiple players. We've also seen recent signs that an Overwatch anime is working, as well as one of Blizzard's most popular series, Diablo.


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