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NYSEG Warns of Scam Attempts; Report Suspicious Calls to the Company

NYSEG is urging customers to be vigilant of scammers posing as representatives of the company. NYSEG has recently received new reports of customers accepting phone calls from people who claim to be employees or consultants of NYSEG, some with a forged caller ID. Customers are urged to never give out personal or account information to unsolicited callers.
Additionally, customers have reported calls threatening to cut service unless an immediate payment is made over the phone, using a prepaid debit card such as Green Dot.” This is a sure sign of a scam. In some cases, the caller seems to have specific knowledge about the customers and provide a callback number that spoofs a recorded greeting like that of the NYSEG’S customer service line. Please note NYSEG provides notice before terminating a customer’s service for non-payment, and employees do not perform shut-offs during hours when the Customer Service Center is closed.
Lastly, recent reports indicate that due to the current inside gas meter inspections NYSEG contractors, some bad actors have attempted to scam individuals by going door-to-door. Contractors working for NYSEG will always carry proper identification and customers who question whether or not the visit is legitimate are encouraged to call NYSEG’s customer service number.
Any customer who is uncertain whether a call is genuine or a scam should hang up immediately and call NYSEG at  800.572.1111.

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