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National Security Adviser Confirms That Cuts Are Underway At The White House's National Security Council

Zero Hedge: NSC Chief O'Brien Confirms Staffer Bloodbath After Vindmans Expelled

National Security Adviser told a room full of Atlantic Council attendees on Tuesday that significant cuts were under way at the leak-prone White House National Security Council, confirming a Monday report in the Washington Examiner that up to 70 positions would be cut.

While O'Brien pitched it as a return to "a manageable size," he didn't mention what the Examiner reported - namely, that most of the cuts would be Obama-era holdovers such as anti-Trump impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, 44, and his twin brother Yevgeny, who were fired from the NSC last week and escorted out of the White House by security.

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WNU Editor: National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien does have a point that American foreign policy is not run (and should not be run) by Lieutenant Colonels .... ‘We are not a banana republic’: National security adviser defends Vindman dismissals (Politico). So this begs an answer .... they were there for three years, so who was running foreign policy, at least in regards to Ukraine.

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