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Mitrano Campaign Announces Major Endorsements

PENN YAN – Those who work towards a more just and equal America continue to rally to the candidacy of NY-23 candidate for Congress Tracy Mitrano (D-Penn Yan). Recently, both the National Organization of Women (NOW) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines PAC announced their endorsements of Mitrano’s bid to unseat incumbent Rep. Tom Reed.
NOW PAC only endorses candidates who take uncompromising progressive stands on reproductive rights and justice, economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights and constitutional equality.
“We’re delighted to have endorsed Tracy, and look forward to supporting her efforts in 2020,” a statement from NOW PAC said.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) Off the Sidelines PAC is dedicated to helping elect women to public office who have a track record of support for progressive issues. The endorsement of Mitrano cited her history as an educator and cybersecurity expert, whose platform insists on progressive change that levels the playing field for all.
“Tracy will be an amazing ally in so many ways — from fighting for a better, more equitable education system, to taking on the NRA and gun violence, to fighting climate change,” a statement from the organization said.
Mitrano thanked the organizations for their faith in her candidacy and highlighted her motivation to fight for the rights of everyone to be heard in the halls of the Capitol.
“I’m honored to have the endorsements of both a historically significant fighter for women’s equality in NOW and an emerging leader in assuring that women have a seat at the table in Off the Sidelines PAC. When we fight for the rights of others as if they are our own, everyone wins, America is a fairer and more just place, and we lay the groundwork for a more prosperous and peaceful nation and 23rd District,” she said.

To learn more about Tracy Mitrano’s campaign for congress and to see a full list of endorsements, visit the campaign website:

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