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Mini Hillary begins making excuses for her flop

Like her role model, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren will never be president because she is a compulsive liar whom no one trusts. Her campaign crashed and burned in New Hampshire where she became perhaps the first Massachusetts politician to blow the New Hampshire primary. She received no delegates. And with only 8 delegates for finishing third in Iowa, E.W.'s campaign is pining for the fjords, as they say in the Dead Parrot sketch.

Collin Anderson of the Washington Free Beacon reported, "Despite surging national polls in September, Warren finished third and fourth, respectively. She amassed no delegates in the Granite State despite its proximity to her home state of Massachusetts. There are also signs her campaign faces financial trouble. Over the past week, Warren has canceled or shifted more than $1.2 million in ad buys in Nevada and South Carolina."

Her campaign has been dead since she released her DNA test findings. She said, you see, I am 1/1,024th Indian.


President Donald John Trump goaded her into making that mistake.

E.W. is blaming the press for her misfortune. Anderson reported that Warren's campaign said in an email it could no longer "count on the media to cover our campaign fairly."

The email said, "The night of the Iowa Caucuses, CNN didn't air Elizabeth's full speech. But they aired the speeches of other candidates she beat. In New Hampshire on Tuesday night, networks played Vice President Biden's speech from South Carolina despite the fact that he left the state before polls closed — but not Elizabeth's even though she outperformed him, again."

I enjoyed the peevishness of her complaint. She got a few more votes so she is entitled to more seconds than he is. Neither one of them got any delegates. She comes off as a Hillaryian sore loser be cause she is. Next she will blame her failure on the FBI, misogyny, self-hating women, and the sun getting in her eyes.

E.W.'s whining likely will backfire. Democrats like the press. Gallup found 69% of Democrats trust the media. Only 16% of Republicans do.

Some say her complaint about the media is just like President Trump bashing Fake News.

But President Trump's complaint is not a lack of airtime. No one in the history of the universe has received more airtime. His complaint is the press lies about him all the time.

When did anyone take her jokes literally? When did anyone call her a puppet of Putin? Where is her Russian Collusion hoax? The press has not demanded she resign because of a telephone call.

In fact, some women in the media are acting as E.W.'s press agents just as they did for Hillary. Anderson pointed out that CNN debate moderator Abby Phillip sided with her in E.W.'s he said/she said dispute with Breadline Bernie, and portrayed E.W's version as fact.

Hmm, President Trump got bad press and won. Hillary and Mini Hillary got good press and lost. Maybe her complaint should be that the press has been too kind.


Mini Mike wants Hillary as his running mate, according to Matt Drudge. I suggest Mini Mike look up the word Arkancide.

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