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Media Frankensteins hate their creation

The media wanted President Donald John Trump impeached. The House impeached him. Now as his acquittal nears -- painstakingly slow-walked at a turtle's pace by Mitch McConnell -- the media valedictorians ask themselves what have we done?

You only get one bullet. Democrats wasted theirs on the Mueller Report. This impeachment was a joke. Patricia McCarthy called it the impeachment face plant.

Now the media realizes that what does not end his presidency makes him stronger. The experts on TV are apoplectic. They had convinced themselves that calling a foreign president to congratulate him on his election is on the level of treason and bribery. How dare the rest of the nation roll its eyes!

Media Research Center reported on MSNBC presidential historian Jon Meacham freaking out.

Meacham said, "Donald Trump may well have now  become the most powerful president in American history. There's pause for a  second. Think about that. He has the capacity, he has such a standing with his political  base that senior United States senators have decided that though he is guilty, they are not going to risk the wrath of the people in order to follow through on what is clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

"That is a raw and elemental definition of power. And I think it's something that we haven't fully grappled with. The idea that what President Trump has done, and this is why the example going forward  is fraud. President Trump is functionally a monarch at this point. If the king does it, it's okay that that's what we're seeing unfold in Washington right now. And I think all Americans, whether you support the president or you don't should pause significantly and think about the long term implications of having a president who is above the law."

Um, that would be Obama whose administration got away with lying to judges 17 times to get warrants to spy on Donald Trump, his family, and his campaign. The New York Times even published excerpts of transcripts of the wiretapping (as the Times called it) on its front page without embarrassment. To the media, when the FBI does it, Watergate is OK.

But President Trump cannot even make a telephone call without some Obama munchkin embedded in the White House yelling "Citizen's Arrest."

Carl Bernstein of Watergate infamy freaked out on CNN, where he earlier colluded with the Obama administration to promote the Russian Collusion Hoax. Now the Ukrainian Hoax failed, too. Bernstein is angry.

He said, "It’s a cover-up. That’s what the Senate has now done. They have covered up what the President of the United States has done in his grievous action when they had the ability to find out more. And reach a bipartisan, as it were, the decision if we could hear from the witnesses if Mr. Bolton could come in and tell us, is there anything else there? No. Maybe it would be exonerating."

The truth is, senators heard via transcripts from 17 of the 18 House witnesses. Democrats won't share the transcript of the 18th witness.

Democrats and the media revived the corpse of Russian collusion. It destroyed their village.

They were careless. They did not think this through. When they flagged this phone call, Democrats exposed their front-runner -- Joe Biden -- to scrutiny. He had boasted about holding up a billion dollars in aid unless Ukrainians fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son's company.

Meacham is darned right that President Trump is stronger because this second failed attempt to steal his presidency has angered Americans. They want their votes to count. The media and the deep state don't.

And what happens now if Democrats nominate Biden? Will the Bernie Bros shrug off being denied the nomination like they did last time? Or will they buy MAGA hats and desert the party that wants nothing to do with them? Certainly the taint of foreign bribery staining Biden grants them permission to leave.

The media built this Fake Impeachment on another House of Fake News. The collapse of this attempt made The Donald stronger. Just as the Mueller Report did.

And just as the next impeachment will.

Krakatoa wrote, "If it doesn't allege at least 1 count of Aggravated Mopery, I'm going to be disappointed."

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