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Maybe Obama is cool with Bernie

Ex-presidents have extraordinarily little power. They are deflated balloons that were once large but are now shriveled and small. The Bushes handled it well, staying out of the public eye even when Jeb! was running.

Carter built homes for the poor, a community service as penance for his disappointing presidency.

Obama has not retired. He has a castle in Kalorama where he meets with people who are trying to make the presidency of Donald John Trump hell.

Publicly, Obama has stayed out of things. Maybe the presidential race will force him to break his public silence. If I were him, I would continue to stay on the sidelines -- publicly.

His deal with Hillary was she would support him in 2008, he would support her in 2016. Picking Biden as his running mate sealed the deal because no one thought 12 years ago that Democrats would be foolish enough to nominate him.

As Gomer Pyle would say, "Soo-prize, Soo-prize."

But Biden has gone from front-runner to back burner. Maybe the black vote in South Carolina can save him. Corn Pop and whoever arrested Biden in South Africa can campaign with him, alongside the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Jussie Smollett.

The impeachment kneecapped Biden by publicizing his extortion in Ukraine.

This boast had to rankle Obama because it soiled his legacy, which is all he cares about right now. Impeaching President Donald John Trump knocked out Biden, making it a two-fer.

Unfortunately for Obama, Democrats did not reckon with Republicans standing by their man. Impeachment has boosted his poll numbers and fundraising.

At the same time, Biden's fall led to Bernie's surge. The next man up is a communist. But then again, so was the last Democrat president. He just remained in the closet biding his time.

And for Democrats, how bad can Breadline Bernie be. He's for universal health/single-payer/Medicare for All/whatever. So are they. He is for ending capital punishment (except for babies in the womb). So are they. He is for $15 an hour minimum wage. So are they. He is for reparations. So are they. He is for open borders. So are they.

He did not join the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party joined him.

But his reputation is that of a wild madman who will turn America communist.

Some say this puts Democrats in a bind. I say not. They have nothing to lose. They can run Bernie, lose, and keep the House. If not, they can win back the House and the Senate in 2022. Surely there will be a recession by then.

If not, by 2024 when they run someone who will have Bernie's goals whom they can claim is a moderate.

And if he wins, well, Donald John Trump gets locked up, and communism finally comes out of the Democrat closet.

If not, 2028.

And Obama will be there for them, ready to take credit for if ever Democrats win again.

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