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Maybe Democrats can run David French

Never Trumper Jim Geraghty at National Review is worried that his new party will nominate Bernie Sanders to be toast against President Donald John Trump this year.

Geraghty wants someone else to be toast. The Never Trumper is now a Never Bernie as well. He opposes letting the people decide the election.

He wrote, "The Clock Is Ticking, Establishment Democrats!"

My goodness, for a newcomer to the party, he sure is pushy. (He has not officially switched parties but if you oppose President Trump at this late date, you are not a Republican. Sorry.)

He wrote, "Is this how Democrats felt watching the 2016 Republican presidential primary?

"Four years ago, around this time, the super PAC that preferred Jeb Bush was unloading attack ads against Marco Rubio, and the super PAC that preferred Rubio was hitting back at Bush, mocking his poor finishes. Keep in mind, the two Florida Republicans were former colleagues and generally on good terms, and the policy differences between them were minuscule compared to both men’s policy differences with Donald Trump."

Policy differences? Is he saying Jeb! opposed tax cuts, supports abortion, wants more regulation, and is peachy keen with having a bunch of liberal judges?

Of course not. What Geraghty means by policy differences is his shock at an outsider taking over the party, which of course is the only thing that matters. Instead of choosing candidates who can win and electing officials who will fulfill their campaign promises, the elitists just want power and jobs for their unemployable sons. No wonder so many people in DC defend Hunter.

Geraghty is Stuck in '16. If only Never Trumpers had rallied behind one candidate instead of many, they might have stopped him, they still tell themselves. That it would have elected Hillary does not matter. The right people would be running the Republican Party.

Now he is giving Democrats the same bad advice his magazine gave Republicans 4 years ago. He wants the right people to run the Democrat Party. Politics is not for little people.

He wrote, "The Democrats could stop Sanders if they quickly united around one rival. But that requires candidates to recognize the long odds, accept reality, and give up their presidential ambitions to protect and advance the causes the claim to support. Funny how all of these people who insist they’re 'public servants' and proclaim 'this campaign isn’t about me' find that so hard to do."

The Sanders rebellion resembles the Donald Trump rebellion because the Democrat Party has failed its voters just as the Republican Party failed its voters. Both the DNC and RNC failed the nation as a whole. Americans outside DC believe the two are in cahoots,

All these Washington losers keep rooting for the Establishment regardless of policy differences. Real ones.

Maybe Geraghty can talk his pal David French into running again. He might last longer than a week this time.

The idea that the people should select their president via an Electoral College is foreign to the staff at National Review. Then again, they preach capitalism from a magazine that has never made a profit and exists only as a tax deduction for the rich.

Democrats have a choice of poisons this year. They can nominate Sanders and tick off the non-communists in their party, or they can stop him and tick off the communists in the party. I suggest they go with Breadline Bernie and get the Marxism out of their system.

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